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Wild Turkey Partnership Agreements

Established to coordinate the wildlife management activities of private, corporate and public land stewards, Wild Turkey Partnership Agreements have helped improve millions of acres of wildlife habitat.

Partnerships provide . . .

  • NWTF expertise in identifying priority parcels of wildlife habitat;
  • Significant tax breaks to private and corporate parties;
  • Opportunities for good corporate citizenship;
  • A framework for cooperative wildlife management, research and educational activities; and
  • Cutting-edge wildlife management strategies for forest and open land management programs.

Since 1973, the NWTF has signed Partnership Agreements with:

  • 52 state wildlife and forestry agencies;
  • Eight federal agencies;
  • Four provincial agencies;
  • 30 utility and energy companies; and
  • 24 private industrial companies.

By pooling resources and knowledge, these partnerships increase opportunities for direct habitat management and enhanced outdoor experiences for hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

For more information, contact Scott Vance at (800) THE-NWTF or

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