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Wild Turkey Management

For nearly 40 years, the NWTF has supported research in wild turkey management. NWTF-funded research has increased understanding about wild turkey biology, recruitment, mortality, reproduction, poult survival, habitat use, population dynamics, habitat management, DNA analysis, physiology and disease. The projects blanket nearly every state where the five subspecies of wild turkeys are found, as well as the ocellated wild turkey of Central America.

Outreach Programs Research

"Although it is certainly true that many lifelong hunters, shooters, and anglers come from traditionally hunting, shooting, and fishing families, there remains a need to focus recruitment efforts on newcomers who do not grow up in such environments. Indeed, one of the greatest challenges for increased participation in hunting, shooting, and fishing is how to reach and involve individuals who are unfamiliar but interested in these traditions."

— "Effectiveness of Hunting, Shooting, and Fishing Recruitment and Retention Programs: Final Report" Produced by Responsive Management and the NWTF

Conducted Under a Grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Administered by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Read the full Outreach Programs Research report.

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