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Keep Turkeys Close with Chufa Gold

Attract turkeys to your property by making Turkey Gold Chufa® part of your wildlife management plan. And now is a great time to buy, during the Federation's late season chufa sale (while supplies last).

Chufa requires a 90- to 110-day growing season, so when planted in early summer, it's there for turkeys to feast on well into the fall.

Plant chufa anywhere corn will grow; it needs full sunlight to thrive. You'll need 50 pounds per acre if broadcasting the seed, or 35 pounds per acre if drilling. Be sure to accurately determine the size of your food plot to avoid planting too much. Chufa can't stand competition — even with itself.

Get Turkey Gold Chufa® by clicking here, calling (800) THE-NWTF, faxing your order to the NWTF's sales department at (803) 637-9960, or mailing your order to the NWTF; Attn: Sales Department; P.O. Box 530; Edgefield, SC 29824.

Pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, check or money order.

To learn more about how chufa can benefit wildlife on your property and how to plant it, read "Chufa is Turkey Gold."

Read "Six Tips for Growing Food Plot Grasses" for helpful advice on attracting wildlife to your property through planting.

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