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Wildlife Habitat Preservation: Wild Turkey Country Habitat Conservation Program

The Wild Turkey Country Habitat Conservation Program is designed to help private landowners, industry partners and wildlife agencies conserve wildlife habitat and improve hunting opportunities.

For hunters across North America, the fear of losing hunting land to development is real. Every day we read about new housing or industrial developments springing up in undeveloped areas.

There's good reason to fear! Wildlife habitat is being converted at the astounding rate of 9 square miles per day.

To conserve wild turkeys and preserve our hunting heritage, there has to be land where wild turkeys and other wildlife can thrive and where sportsmen can hunt. An NWTF habitat conservation program, Wild Turkey Country, is helping protect this land.

There are three main ways Wild Turkey Country protects wildlife habitat:

  1. Conservation Easements

    A voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization in which the landowner agrees to restrict the type and amount of development that may take place on their property. Conservation easements can provide substantial tax breaks for private landowners.

  2. Land Donations

    A gift of land or real estate from either corporations or private individuals. If the gifted land is not wildlife habitat, the NWTF will sell it and use the proceeds to protect critical wildlife habitat elsewhere. If the land does provide quality habitat, the NWTF may convey it to an appropriate wildlife agency or resell the property with a conservation easement in place.

  3. Bargain Sales

    A bargain sale is a combination of a purchase and a property donation. The NWTF pays a landowner a percentage of the value of the property and the landowner then donates the remaining value to the NWTF. The donated value may be considered a charitable contribution and is tax deductible.

The program works directly with NWTF chapters, agency partners and industry partners to protect wildlife habitat and to acquire — from willing sellers — land for public use. Wild Turkey Country also works directly with private landowners to protect property from development through conservation easements.

For more information on donating a conservation easement or on the NWTF's Wild Turkey Country program, contact Joel Pedersen at (800) THE-NWTF or by email at

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