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NWTF Conservation Challenge

The NWTF is calling all Boy Scouts to take the challenge - the Conservation Challenge. Scouts now have the opportunity to work on the Conservation Challenge program, which includes five disciplines that help Scouts become responsible and ethical hunters, expert marksmen and dedicated conservationists.

Scouts can earn the NWTF Conservation Challenge badge during the summer camp season or during their whole scouting career. The first piece is the NWTF top rocker, which is awarded to boys that have completed at least one of the program requirements. Below, four separate, 1-inch-square merit badges represent fish and wildlife management, rifle shooting, shotgun shooting and archery. The final rocker is given to Scouts that have completed their hunter education certification. As this program grows throughout the nation each state will have a state-specific final rocker patch.

The NWTF Conservation Challenge will expand through the Southeast during the 2011 summer camp season. The NWTF's goal is for this program to be offered nationwide in 2012.


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To learn more about how to earn your hunter education certification, contact your state's fish and wildlife agency. Scouts who have earned the four merit badges in the NWTF Conservation Challenge are eligible to take an abbreviated hunter education course that will be offered at BSA summer camps as the program grows.

For more information about this course and the badge, click here.

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