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Educator Workshops

Photo credit: SCDNR

The amazing comeback story of the wild turkey is an interesting and fun vehicle for teaching wildlife, conservation, forestry and natural resource management principles to students of all ages. Whether you teach in a classroom, nature center, park, museum or youth program, the NWTF has the resources you'll need to tell this story.

The NWTF works with many state and federal wildlife agencies to deliver conservation education and wild-turkey-themed resources and training workshops for educators. Workshops are fun and typically:

  • include training in wildlife conservation concepts
  • engage educators in the activities they will deliver in their own educational programs
  • explain how to teach conservation concepts while fulfilling state curriculum requirements
  • provide the resources to implement the workshop activities in their classrooms and beyond through interpretive programming

Visit or if you'd like to participate in a conservation education workshop in your state.

If you are interested in hosting a wild-turkey-themed workshop in your state, e-mail Christine Rolka, NWTF director of education, at

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