Good Times. Great Cause.

Contribute to our Banquet Auction Package.

Manufacturers that want to submit product samples for consideration for our banquet auction package should submit a vendor product agreement form and email to

Each year, thousands of NWTF members and volunteers flock to banquet halls and civic centers across North America to share stories, a meal and common goals — conserving wildlife and protecting our hunting heritage.

And you're invited to join them.

If you've never attended a Hunting Heritage Banquet, you're in for a treat.

You'll find games, raffles and auctions with chances to win exclusive NWTF merchandise and firearms.

In this year's banquet package, you'll find exciting new products, including four NWTF Guns of the Year, high-quality prints, sculptures and decorative items that allow our members to bring their outdoor lifestyle home.

Plus, you'll be surrounded by like-minded sportsmen and sportswomen fellowshipping in the name of a great cause.

If you have attended a Hunting Heritage Banquet, we welcome you back and encourage you to bring a friend.

If not, find the next closest banquet in your area and make that banquet your first.

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