Super Fund Quick Facts

In Iowa:
Over $5,108,022 has been raised and spent by local chapters.
Spent $314,087 on habitat improvement projects.
Spent $261,449 on educational programs and literature.
Spent $1,392,060 to purchase 17,254 acres of land or conservation easements.
Spent $7,067 to support hunter safety classes and initiatives.
Spent $11,977 on wild turkey management.

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Message From Our President

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Gary Reeder
Iowa State Board of Directors of NWTF




2015 Banquets are occuring as we speak.  This is how we will "Save the Habitat Save the Hunt"

Plan on attending a banquet and bring a friend! 


Imagine a world without Turkeys

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Pass it along and do your part to:

Save the Habitat Save the Hunt

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