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2014 Deerassic Park/NWTF Youth Hunt - 11/22-23/2014

Deerassic Park Education Center and Private Properties
(740) 435-3335

2014 Deerassic Park/NWTF Youth Hunt - 11/22/2014

14250 Cadiz Road, Cambridge

Osage Jakes Event - 11/29/2014

MDC, 3988 Highway 50, Linn

Tallapoosa Squirrel Hunt - 12/6/2014

Jerry Berown's Property, 1030 Saxon Road, Goodwater

Smithville Lake Youth Hunt - 12/13/2014

Smithville Lake, 17201 Paradesian, Smithville

Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Club JAKES Take Aim - 12/13/2014

Jacksonville Trap and Skeet Club, 12125 New Berlin Road, Jacksonville

Edgefield Chapter's Mentored Dove Hunts - 12/18/2014

Wild Turkey Center, 770 Augusta Road, Edgefield

Brass Monkey Winter Camp - 12/26/2014

Field across from 3349 Second Street, Wayland

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/9/2015-1/10/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/23/2015-1/24/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Juniors Turkey Hunting Camps - 4/16/2015-4/20/2015

Forests near Flagstaff, Alpine or Greer and Payson

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Get Your Call On

Watch the Winchester Museum music video about NWTF's world's largest box call exhibit.

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Survival Kit 101

A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid to survival in an emergency. We've gathered a list of everything you'll need to make a basic wilderness survival kit.

Ages 3-8:

What you'll need:

  1. A fanny pack or small backpack with water bottle holders
  2. A plastic flashlight with fresh batteries
  3. A SPACE blanket
  4. A brightly-colored flag or handkerchief
  5. A plastic whistle
  6. A couple of snap lights
  7. A stocking cap
  8. A favorite toy
  9. Extra candy, fruit and beef jerky
  10. Extra water

Ages 8-up:

What you'll need: All of the items listed above, plus the following,

  1. Water-proof matches or a fire starter
  2. A compass
  3. A map of the area
  4. A bar of soap
  5. A small candle
  6. A 10-feet-long piece of nylon cord
  7. Tissue or wet wipes
  8. A small pack of assorted bandages or a small first-aid kit
  9. A small pocket knife
  10. A lighter