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Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/23/2015-1/24/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Easton County Fair Grounds Squirrel Hunt - 2/7/2015

Kardel Hall, Eaton Cty Fairgrounds, 1025 S. Cochran, Charlotte

Golden Isles JAKES Days - 3/7/2015

Damp Tolochee BSA, 133 Ashley Marsh Drive, Brunswick

14th Annual Spring Turkey Hunting Clinic - 3/28/2015

Dry Creek Sporting Clays, 1257 Road 137, Emporia

Juniors Turkey Hunting Camps - 4/16/2015-4/20/2015

Forests near Flagstaff, Alpine or Greer and Payson

Cranberry Conservation Days - 6/1/2015

Izaak Walton Club, Deep Hollow Road, Oil City

Butler County Youth Field Day - 6/6/2015

Butler City Hunting and Fishing Club, Club Drive, East Butler

Franklin County Youth Field Day - 6/13/2015

Waynesboro Fish and Game Assn., 10205 Fish and Game Road, Waynesboro

Venengo County Youth Field Day - 6/20/2015

Izaak Walton League, Deep Hollow Road, Oil City

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Get Your Call On

Watch the Winchester Museum music video about NWTF's world's largest box call exhibit.

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Tiny Terror

Kissing this little frog will not help you find Prince Charming, but it could leave a bad taste in your mouth. Measuring only about two-inches long, the Golden Poison Dart Frog's venom is so strong that it is said this tiny yellow frog has enough poison to kill up to 200 grown men. Also known as the Terrible Poison Dart Frog (Phyllobates terribilis), it is the most deadly of the poison dart frogs. Terribilis is found only west of the Andes mountains in Colombia, South America, where the Choco Indian tribe coat the tips of their blowgun darts with the poison by rolling the points across a frog's back. The darts are then dried before being used to hunt monkeys and small animals. The poison dart frog only has one predator, the fire-bellied snake (Leimadophis epinephelos), which is immune to the poison.