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Botetourt Longbeards - 9/20/2014

Botetourt JAKES, Richard Simmons Farm, 1554 Rice Road, Buchanan

Bay Shore Gobblers JAKES Take Aim Event - 9/20/2014

Ward Museum, 909 South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury

Southern Appalachian Chapter JAKES Day - 9/20/2014

McGhee Carson Unit, 128 McGhee Carson Road, Vonore

Unaka Mountain Longbeards JAKES Day - 9/20/2014

Rock Creek Park, Erwin

St. Louis Longbeards JAKES Event - 9/20/2014

Arnold Park, Highway 141, Arnold

Current River JAKES Event - 9/20/2014

Pinewood Facility, Highway 60, Ellsinore

Bollinger County Double Beards JAKES Day - 9/20/2014

Ron Lutes Farm, Rt 5, C.R. 802, Marble Hill

Midwest Gobblers Annual JAKES Day - 9/20/2014

Otter Creek Hunting Club, 19201 Hunting Club Rd., Jerseyville

Black Swamp JAKES Day - 9/20/2014

Camp Lakota, Defiance

Susquehanna County Youth Field Day - 9/21/2014

Harford Fair Grounds, Harford

Outdoor Expo - 9/25/2014

Ada First Baptist Church, Ada

Marquette County Longbeards JAKES Day - 9/27/2014

Montello Archery Range, N3736 SR 22, Montello

Sauratown JAKES Day - 9/27/2014

Walter & Becky Johnson's Farm, 973 Burton Road, Ruffin

Spoon River Gobblers - 9/27/2014

Bill Mustread Farm, Smithfield

Big River Skeet Shoot - 9/27/2014

Trammel Camp, 24307 NE Charles Pippen Rd., Blountstown

JAKES Fun Day - 9/27/2014

Pat's Archery & Outdoors, 306 Hwy. 78, Jasper

Greene County Federation of Sportsmen Clubs Youth Pheasant Hunt - 9/27/2014

Joe Mauer's property, Earlton

Neil "Gobbler" Cost FUJI Jakes Event - 9/27/2014

Fuji Film Plant, 211 Pucketts Ferry Road, Greenwood

Walt Buehmer JAKES Event - 9/27/2014

Busch Wildlife Conservation Area, Highway D, Defiance

Doddridge County Fantails Jakes Muzzleloading Shoot - 9/27/2014

Kevin Hutson Farm, 1705 Skelton Run, Wallace

Mammoth Cave Chapter JAKES Day - 9/27/2014

Bobby Saling's Farm, Ollie Road, Mammoth Cave

Spring River Toms JAKES Event - 9/27/2014

Baugh Flight Park, 6079 Incline Road, Reeds

South GA JAKES Day - 9/27/2014

Paradise PFA, 536 Paradise Drive, Enigma

Beaver Creek Local JAKES Day - 9/27/2014

Leetonia Sportsmans Club, 311 East High Street, Leetonia

Sawnee Mountain - 9/27/2014

Lower Pool Dam

Slate Stone Strutters JAKES Event - 9/27/2014

Harbor Beach Gun Club, McIntosh Rd., Harbor Beach

McCook Strutters Archery Day - 9/28/2014

Red Willow Lake, McCook

Shawangunk Ride Longbeard Youth Sports's Day JAKES Event - 9/28/2014

Wallkill Rod & Gun Club Fish Pond, Wallkill

Maple Country Extreme Jakes Dove Hunt - 10/4/2014

16766 Hosmer Road, Middlefield

JAKES Hunting Heritage Day - 10/4/2014

Tishomingo (Jackson Camp), Tishomingo

Annual JAKES Day - 10/4/2014

Stryker Sportsmen Club, County Road 20, Bryan

Tattnall-Evans County Limbhangers JAKES Day - 10/4/2014

Evans Co. Wildlife Club, Highway 280, Claxton

Fall Turkey Tune Up - 10/11/2014

San Vicent Reservoir, 12375 Moreno Avenue, Lakeside

Kittatinny Gobblers JAKES Day - 10/11/2014

McGuire Chevrolet, Newton

Big Buck/Doe Contest Thunderchickens of West Kentucky - 10/11/2014

Falders Farm Store, 1428 Cuba Road, Mayfield

Cass River Gobblers JAKES Event - 10/11/2014

Marlette Sportsmen Club, 4260 White Creek Road, Kingston

11th Annual Wildlife Adventure Day - 10/11/2014

Rock Point Road, Newburg

Melvern Wildlife Area Youth Waterfowl Hunt - 10/18/2014

Melvern Wildlife Area, Reading Office

Central Wisconsin Youth Hunters Banquet - 10/18/2014

Wisconsin Rapids Elks Lodge #693, Wisconsin Rapids

Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge Youth Waterfowl Hunt - 10/25/2014

Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge, Hartford

Shenandoah Valley JAKES Day - 10/26/2014

Stonewall Ruritan Grounds, Clearbrook

JAKES and WITO in the Outdoors Day - 10/28/2014

Rustling Meadows Hunt Club, Berlin

Turkey Shoot, Big River Longbeards - 11/8/2014

State Road 20 at Bristol City Limits, Bristol

Edgefield Chapter's Mentored Dove Hunts - 11/15/2014

Wild Turkey Center, 770 Augusta Road, Edgefield

Edgefield Chapter's Mentored Dove Hunts - 12/18/2014

Wild Turkey Center, 770 Augusta Road, Edgefield

Brass Monkey Winter Camp - 12/26/2014

Field across from 3349 Second Street, Wayland

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/9/2015-1/10/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/23/2015-1/24/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Juniors Turkey Hunting Camps - 4/16/2015-4/20/2015

Forests near Flagstaff, Alpine or Greer and Payson

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Get Your Call On

Watch the Winchester Museum music video about NWTF's world's largest box call exhibit.

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Gear Geeks

Redring USA


The Redring shotgun sight is parallax-free and automatically adjusts to the brightness of the background. A guide in the reticle helps you decide if your target is within range and when to pull the trigger. It can be mounted quickly on most shotguns with a vent rib.

JAKES Country Pro Staffer Justin Nunes, 14, from Atascadero, Calif., says, "I like the Redring because it was faster to sight in on what you're shooting. If you see a bird, you can get on it super easy with it. And if you don't get [the shotgun] shouldered, you can still see your sights and hit it. I didn't find anything I didn't like about it. I would recommend it to my friends."

The Drummin' Thunder kit


The Drummin' Thunder Kit comes with the Loco Crow Call, a reed-type call built using engineered Green Mountain wood. It also comes with the Drummin' Thunder glass pan call with Mountain Camo striker and the Premium Flex E-Z Rasp three-reed diaphragm call.

JAKES Country Pro Staffer Hannah Simmons, 16, from Grovetown, Ga., says, "The Drummin' Thunder glass call is easy to use and produces a range of volumes, which makes you sound like an old or young hen. I did not like the quality of the striker. I would prefer a bell-shaped striker with this call. I'd recommend it to my friends."

Zink Calls


The Avian-X LCD Strutter features incredible detail and is 15 percent smaller than a real turkey, making it less likely to spook gobblers, in addition to being lightweight and easy to pack. The Avian-X LCD Strutter comes with a one-piece collapsible stake, carrying bag and Turkey Time DVD.

JAKES Country Pro Staffer Dennis Perea, 13, from Aiken, S.C., says, "The Avian X LCD Strutter was easy to inflate and ready in a short amount of time, making it useful for a quick setup. I disliked how loose the [supplied] tail fan was when secured in the plastic clip. However, when I clipped a real fan to the decoy, it was very secure and looked much better. I would recommend this decoy be used with a real fan."

Interested in becoming a JAKES Country Pro Staff member?

We are looking for outdoor oriented youths willing to put the latest outdoor gear to the test. You tell us what you think about the gear, send us a written evaluation and video for our Facebook page, and you get to keep the gear! Plus, you may qualify for more gear prizes as an active Pro Staff member. To apply for a Pro Staff position, go to our online application.