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Shenandoah Valley Ghost Gobblers JAKES Spring Turkey Hunt - 4/18/2014

50232 SR 147, Sarahsville

Gallia County JAKES Turkey Hunt - 4/18/2014

Gallia County Gun Club, Buckridge Road, Gallipolis

Wild Turkey Jamboree - 4/19/2014

Pathfinder Fish and Game Club, Crest Drive, Fulton

International JAKES Hoot & Shoot - 4/24/2014 - 4/28/2014

Point Sebago Resort, Casco

4th Annual Yates County Youth Hunt - 4/24/2014 - 4/27/2014

Seneca Lake Duck Hunters Club, Dresden

Cortland Limbhangers JAKES Youth Turkey Hunt - 4/26/2014 - 4/27/2014

Rolling Ridges Lodge, 5500 Cheningo-Solon Pond Rd., Cincinnatus

Madison County Strutters - 4/26/2014 - 4/27/2014

4th Oneida County Sportsment Federation Youth Hunt

Little Switzerland Strutters - 4/26/2014

Kevin Armstrong Farm, Bull Pasture Road, McDowell

Mohawk Valley Sharp Spurs - 4/26/2014

Mohawk Valley Chapter 5th Annual Kids Weekend Youth Turkey Hunt

Ten Mile Valley JAKES Day - 4/26/2014

Hunting Hills, 118 Hunting Hills Road, Dilner

Warrior Trail Gobbler JAKES Event - 4/26/2014

Hunting Hills, 118 Hunting Hills Road, Dilner

Sumter County Longbeards - 4/26/2014

FWC Bass Center

Mon Valley Longbeards Jakes Day - 4/26/2014

Star Junction Fish and Game, Game Club Road

Southern Tier Local Youth Hunt - 4/26/2014

Home Central, 199 Stage Road, Vestal

Red Rock Chapter JAKES Event - 4/27/2014

Wilkes Barre Township Settlement Camp, Thornhurst

Salt Creek Gobblers - 5/2/2014 - 5/4/2014

Salt Creek 3-D Archery Shoot, Nephi

JAKES Outdoor Fun Day - 5/3/2014

RSE Farms, Stephens Community, Oglethorpe County

Slate Creek Gobblers - 5/3/2014

Jakes Hunt, Private Land, Wellington

Ohio River Valley Jakes Day - 5/4/2014

Forked Run State Park, 63300 Route 124, Reedsville

Youth Turkey Hunt/Youth Turkey Calling Contest - 5/10/2014

Arnot Sportsman Club, Arnot

Take Aim Youth Sporting Clays Shoot - 5/10/2014

Limestone Sporting Clays and Hunting Preserve, 28755 Coggins Road, Ardmore

California Hills Gun Club JAKES Take Aim Shotgun Event - 5/11/2014

California Hills Gun Club, California Hills

Springfield Kentucky JAKES Day - 5/17/2014

River of Life Church, 1250 Highway 555, Springfield

Grand Gobblers Jakes Event - 5/17/2014

Stand Watie Road, Grove

South Hills Longbeards - 5/17/2014

Lake Vesuvius, CR 29, Ironton

JAKES Fishing Day - 5/17/2014

Accident, MD

Doddridge County Tailfans - 5/23/2014

Hutson Farm, Wallace

Youth Field Day - 5/31/2014

Littlestown Fish and Game Club

Adams-Wells Chapter Xtreme Jakes Event - 5/31/2014

St. Mary's Blue Creek Conservation Club, Decatur

Northwest LA JAKES Day - 5/31/2014

Garland Scout Ranch, Stonewall

Lake Marburg Youth Field Day - 5/31/2014

Isaac Walton League

Bedford County Youth Day - 6/7/2014

Bedford Sportsmans C lub, Sportsman's Club Road, Bedford

North Central Mountaineer - 6/7/2014

Watters Smith State Park, Rt. 1, Duck Creek Road, Lost Creek

Allegheny Valley Jakes Day - 6/7/2014

Bull Creek Rod & Gun Club, Tarentum

Green River Gobblers JAKES Day - 6/7/2014

Green River Lake State Park, 179 Park Office Road, Campbellsville

Mississippi Valley Gobblers South Annual JAKES Day - 6/7/2014

Rock Island Conservation Club, Rock Island

Jakes Event - 6/7/2014

Delaware National Reserve, Dover

Salt Creek JAKES Event - 6/7/2014

Elk Pasture, Nephi

Butler County Youth Field Day - 6/7/2014

Butler City Hunting and Fishing Club

Tygart Valley Local - 6/13/2014

Izaak Walton League Club House, Beverly

John E. Mutt Martin Jakes Day - 6/14/2014

Mashall County Hunting & Fishing Clubs, Big Graves Creel Road, Moundsville

Medina County Strutters JAKES Day - 6/14/2014

Hill n' Dale Club, 3605 Poe Road, Medina

Franklin County Youth Field Days - 6/14/2014

Waynesboro Fish and Game Assn., 10205 Fishand Game Rd., Waynesboro

Logan Area Jakes Event - 6/21/2014

Camp Chief Logan, Garrett Fork Rd., Champmanville

Fulton County Youth Field Days - 6/21/2014

Sinoquipe Scout Reservation, HCR 74, Fort Loudon

Lake Marburg Jakes Day - 6/21/2014

Starview Sportsmans Club, 501 Jerusalem School Road, Mount Wolf

Tri-State Jakes Day - 6/21/2014

West Side Sportsman's Club, Evansville

Tussey Mountain Strutters JAKES Day - 6/21/2014

Henrietta Sportsman's Club, Henriette Road, Martinsburg

1st Annual Wisconsin JAKES Event! - 6/21/2014

Mead Education & Visitor Center, Milladore

Kinzua Allegheny JAKES Day - 6/22/2014

Sheffield Rod and Gun Club, Rod and Gun Club Road, Sheffield

Doddridge County Tailfans JAKES Event - 6/28/2014

Hutson Farm, Wallace

Flint Hills Gobblers Jakes Trap Shoot - 6/28/2014

Madison Gun Club, Madison

State Line Strutters Jakes Event - 6/28/2014

Delmar VFW, Delmar

Crawford County Youth Field Days - 6/28/2014

Pymatuning Sportsman's Club, 2642 West Erie St. Ext., Linesville

Honey Hole Longbeards - 6/29/2014

Whitetail Shooting Preserve, 118 Boulevard Road, Bloomsburg

Jakes Take Aim - 6/29/2014

Whitetail Shooting Preserve, 118 Boulevard Road, Bloomsburg

South Lake Osceolas - 7/4/2014

Groveland City Park

Kit-Han-Ne Chapter - 7/12/2014

Apollo Spring Church Sportsman's Club, Apolo

Three River Jakes Event - 7/12/2014

Izaac Walton League, 17100 Griffin Road, Huntertown

Mountain Lakes Chapter - 7/18/2014

Holly Gray Park, Sutton

Sterling-Rock Falls Gobblers Jakes Day - 7/19/2014

Coleta Sportsmans Club, Coleta Road, Coleta

Clarion County Youth Field Days - 7/19/2014

Camp Coffman, Camp Road, Kossuth

Flint Hills Gobblers Jakes Trap Shoot - 7/19/2014

Madison Gun Club, Madison

South Jersey Classic - 7/20/2014

Ranger's Sport Shop, 840 Piney Hollow Road, Winslow

Muskinghum Valley Chapter JAKES Day - 7/26/2014

Coshocton County Sportsman Association, Coschocton

Western Maryland Chapter - 7/26/2014

Wings of Challenge Range, Accident

Jakes Day - 8/2/2014

Benshoff Hill Rod and Gun Club, 1260 Benchoff Hill Road, Johnstown

Cascade Thunderin Toms JAKES Day - 8/2/2014

Coachman Club, 1584 Patterson Rd., New Castle

Lehigh Valley JAKES Youth Field Day - 8/2/2014

8100 Gun Club Run, New Tripoli

Lake Seminole Spurs JAKES Day - 8/9/2014

Bainbridge Country Club, 312 Country Club Road, Bainbridge

JAKES Hunter Field Day - 8/16/2014

New Germany State Park, Grantsville

Pine Mountain Longbeards Day - 8/23/2014

2107 General Carl Wade Stiner Hwy., Lafollette

Youth Dove Hunt - 9/1/2014

Melvern Wildlife Area, Reading Office

Carlisle Sports Expo - 9/5/2014 - 9/7/2014

Carlisle Fair Grounds, 1000 Bryn Mawr Road

Three Rivers Local Chapter - 9/13/2014

RSE Farms, Stephens

Kansas State Jakes Camp - 9/13/2014 - 9/14/2014

White Memorial Camp, 1271 S. 1050 Rd., Council Grove

Beaver Creek Local - 9/27/2014

Leetonia Sportsmans Club, 311 East High Street, Leetonia

Sawnee Mountain - 9/27/2014

Lower Pool Dam

Melvern Wildlife Area Youth Waterfowl Hunt - 10/18/2014

Melvern Wildlife Area, Reading Office

Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge Youth Waterfowl Hunt - 10/25/2014

Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge, Hartford

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Where Are They Now?

2010 Winner
Melissa Bueker

With only a semester at Missouri State University on her resumé, Melissa is still making good use of the national scholarship she received from the NWTF and Mossy Oak less than a year ago. The honor student will spend her summer interning with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She is still active in the National FFA Organization, having recently received her State FFA Degree.

2009 Winner
Mandy (Bowering) Carter

Education: Mandy moved from California to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech.
Career plans: Mandy hopes to work for NASA, Boeing or Lockheed Martin.
Family: Mandy married a military man this January. They live in LaGrange, halfway between Atlanta, where she goes to school, and Ft. Benning, where her husband is stationed.
Outdoors: Mandy hasn't been hunting since high school, but she's an active angler.

2008 Winner
Anna Lee Harris

Education: Anna Lee is a senior at the University of Alabama, majoring in elementary education. She's a student in the Honors College.
Career plans: Anna Lee hopes to teach in an elementary school or preschool. She would like to eventually earn a master's degree in education and possibly pursue a career as an administrator.
Outdoors: Last semester, Anna Lee was placed in a kindergarten class [to do her student teaching], where she did a lesson on the wild turkey. "Seeing the students' excitement about touching a real wild turkey feather was great," she said. "But it made me realize that many children aren't as blessed as I was to grow up knowing about wild animals and the conservation efforts to protect them." Anna Lee is still a proud NWTF member and attends the National Convention and Sport Show in Nashville with her father every year.

2007 Winner
Andrew Payne

Education: Andrew is pursuing his degree at Texas A&M, where he's also a student senator and a writer for the Lone Star Montgomery Campus News. His junior year, he founded a nonprofit organization to help area homeless people.
Career plans: Andrew is planning on a career in medicine, focusing on an RN degree now, with hopes of going on to medical school. He will then work in an orphanage near Mbale, Uganda.
Outdoors: Andrew enjoys bowhunting but has devoted much of his spare time more recently to other projects, such as urban gardening initiatives that promote responsible land use and a healthy lifestyle.

2006 Winner
Victoria Scott

Education: Victoria received a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and one in soil and crop science from Colorado State University in 2006. She is working on her Ph.D. in soil chemistry at Iowa State University.
Outdoors: Victoria is a Life Member of the NWTF. "I've only missed five weekends of hunting during the last two fall semesters," she said. "My junior year, I almost didn't pass a Calculus II exam, because I spent the weekend helping my brother pack out his trophy elk. I'd never trade that experience, because there is more to life than a 4.0."

2005 Winner
David Edson
South Carolina

Education: David graduated from Furman University in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in physics. This May, he received his master's in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University.
Career: David interned at General Electric for three summers during college. This summer, he's starting his career as an engineer with Eaton Corporation in Jackson, Miss. He's part of a three-year leadership program to train managers for the company.
Outdoors: David dove hunted during his first few years of college, but hasn't had the chance to do much since. "I hope to get back into hunting once I start working. I miss it," he said. "When I have kids, I definitely want to teach them how to hunt."

2004 Winner
Cody Rosania

Education: Cody received an extended degree in pre-forensic chemistry and criminal justice from Northern Arizona University. His senior project was on the lead levels in ducks, after it became illegal to use lead shot for hunting in the state.
Career: After interning for Norchem Drug Testing Lab in Flagstaff, Cody was hired as a certifying scientist.
Outdoors: Cody took over the family business, Sundowner Guide Service, this year, after his father retired. He is looking forward to guiding clients, but says he'll always make time to share a campfire with friends.

2003 Winner
Chanda Cooper
South Carolina

Education: Chanda received a bachelor's degree in biology and a Master's of Earth and Environmental Re-sources Management from the University of South Carolina.
Career: Chanda is the education program coordinator for the Richland County Environmental Planning Division. Her job is to coordinate activities that raise awareness of conservation issues. "Wherever I work," she said, "I hope to share my passion for the outdoors with others and encourage them to become better environ-mental stewards."
Outdoors: Chanda lives on her family's farm, where she enjoys exploring the woods and creeks and working in the fields when she's not on the job. She still finds time to hunt, but not as much as she'd like to.

2002 Winner
Bradley Herrin

Education: Brad graduated from the University of Arizona in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in physiology. He earned his medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine this June.
Career: Brad began his pediatrics residency at Yale (New Haven Hospital) this summer.
Family: Brad is married and has a 5-year-old son.

2001 Winner
Nathan Williams

Education: Nathan majored in agricultural economics at the University of Kentucky. After graduating in 2004, he attended the university's College of Law on a Wethington Fellowship.
Career: Nathan practices law at a firm in Louisville, where he represents injured plaintiffs.
Family: Nathan and his wife are expecting their first child in September. "We just found out that it's a boy," he said, "so hopefully I'll have a hunting buddy in a few years."
Outdoors: Nathan still helps out on the family farm where he was raised. He also owns a farm nearby where he has established riparian buffers to help protect the property's streams. He hunts a few times a year and attends local NWTF fundraisers when he can.

2000 Winner
Jonathan May

Jonathan May passed away in 2009, but not without leaving a legacy to his family, friends and everyone who helped him during his battle with cancer. He was only 27.

The avid outdoorsman was an All-Star athlete and honor student in high school, which earned him the local, state and national NWTF scholarships his senior year.

He graduated from Fort Hays State University with a degree in geosciences, then at-tended the Medical University of Ohio in Toledo, where he earned a master's degree in public health epidemiology in December 2008.

Jon was diagnosed with alveolar soft part sarcoma cancer in 2006. During his struggle, he traveled to 15 hospitals in nine states, but he also had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI, met the New York Yankees and was on the sidelines for a Notre Dame football game.

He met the love of his life in August 2007, and they married the following year. "Through their love for each other, they were able to fight through the pain and hardship that came with his disease," Jonathan's best friend, Jeremy, wrote about the couple. "The strength they found in each other's arms is an inspiration to all. Although their time together was short, the love they shared allowed them both to experience life beyond their years."

1999 Winner
Mike Kromrey

Education: Mike received a bachelor's degree in biology from Missouri State University in 2004 and stayed there to complete his master's degree in biology in 2006.
Career: Mike is the education/outreach coordinator for the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, which helps people understand where their water comes from and how they can protect it. "My job is great," he said, "because improving the quality of our drinking water supply and promoting water conservation usu-ally benefits our local stream ecosystems, too."
Family: Mike and his wife, Mary, have 4-year-old Eli. Mike says the coolest thing in the world for him is exploring nature with his son.
Outdoors: Mike is still a member of the NWTF and enjoys hunting turkeys in his home state.