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Brass Monkey Winter Camp - 12/26/2014

Field across from 3349 Second Street, Wayland

Mountain Lakes Chapter - 12/26/2014

Amos Run Hunting Club, 846 Amos Run Road, Cowen

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/9/2015-1/10/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt/Sporting Clays Shoot - 1/23/2015-1/24/2015

Chauncy Ranch YMCA Camp near Spring Valley

Golden Isles JAKES Days - 3/7/2015

Damp Tolochee BSA, 133 Ashley Marsh Drive, Brunswick

Juniors Turkey Hunting Camps - 4/16/2015-4/20/2015

Forests near Flagstaff, Alpine or Greer and Payson

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Get Your Call On

Watch the Winchester Museum music video about NWTF's world's largest box call exhibit.

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JAKES Take Aim for Parents

What to expect at an event

NWTF chapters across North America hold JAKES Take Aim events to introduce youth to the fun of shooting. Airgun and sporting clay events present opportunities for youth ages 17 and under to try target shooting and sporting clay shooting in a safe, fun environment. Any young person who's willing to learn will have an incredible time.

Events typically occur as half-day functions that include safety and shooting instruction. Certified instructors will be on hand at shotgun events for lessons and to make sure all participants are shooting safely. The NWTF provides all equipment; there is no need to bring your own.

Benefits of the program and shooting sports

While shooting is fun, it has countless other benefits. Shooting sports offer a level playing field for youth. Age, sex and skill level don't matter at JAKES Take Aim events. You don't have to be a super athlete to enjoy the sport. Yet, it is a physical activity that gets youth away from the computer or TV and off the couch. Other benefits include building personal responsibility, improved hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and concentration levels. Shooting sports are often called a "thinking man's sport." Maybe that is why they are an Olympic Sport. Youth can even get scholarships for shooting sports.

The best part is that shooting sports are also very safe. Did you know that, according to the National Safety Council Injury Facts, you are 100 times more likely to be injured in a swimming pool than by a gun?

Ways to get involved

If you want to get involved with the shooting sports, visit the following websites to find an event near you.

NWTF JTA events

Boy Scouts of America

4-H Shooting Sports

Scholastic Clay Targets Program

Youth Shooting Sports Alliance

USA Shooting Team