New York NWTF Hunting Heritage State Super Fund Projects

Numbers updated in May of 2012

View NWTF successes in New York and the challenges the state faces.

Administered jointly by the NWTF, its state chapters and state wildlife agencies, the Hunting Heritage Super Fund is used for projects that support the conservation of the wild turkey and preservation of the hunting tradition. Nationally, NWTF chapters and cooperating partners have raised and spent more than $412 million for wild turkey conservation. Since 1985 over $1,949,423 has been raised and spent by New York chapters on projects within the state. A sampling of these projects is provided below.

Habitat Enhancement

Spent $553,688 on habitat improvement projects.

  • maintenance and development of brood habitat
  • wildlife openings
  • tree planting
  • riparian restoration
  • control of invasive plant species
  • support for seed subsidy and conservation seed programs

Habitat enhancement projects have impacted more than 28,713 acres within the state.

  • 1,361 acres of wildlife openings

Purchased equipment for habitat management including:

  • 3 trailers
  • 5 mowers
  • 2 seeders
  • 1 drill
  • 4 planters

Projects were completed on:

  • Alder Bottom WMA
  • Alleghany State Park
  • Cameron State Forest
  • Canadaway Creek WMA
  • Capital District WMA
  • Carlton Hill WMA
  • Chemung County State Forest
  • Connecticut Hill WMA
  • East Bay WMA
  • Erwin WMA
  • Finger Lakes National Forest
  • Hanging Bog WMA
  • Happy Valley WMA
  • Keeney Swamp WMA
  • Long Pond State Forest
  • Maple Hill State Forest
  • Margaret Burke WMA
  • Northern Montezuma WMA
  • Oak Orchard WMA
  • Pharsalia WMA
  • Rattlesnake Hill WMA
  • Stid Hill Multiple Use Area
  • Tioughnioga WMA
  • Tonawanda WMA
  • Wertheim National Wild Refuge
  • West Cameron WMA
  • Whittaker Swamp State Forest


Spent $280,750 on educational programs and literature including scholarships, education boxes, 4-H and teacher workshops.

  • Awarded 282 scholarships.
  • Donated more than 766 education boxes to area schools.

Spent $133,906 on educational projects for volunteers and professionals including:

  • Volunteer leadership workshops
  • Wild Turkey Woodlands field days
  • State web sites and newsletters
  • Purchased 326 educational CD-ROMs


Spent $132,940 to introduce youth to outdoor activities, conservation and hunting. Sponsored 303 JAKES Conservation Field Days throughout the state.

Hunting Heritage

Spent $95,700 to protect and promote the hunting tradition including contributions to the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Hunter Safety

Spent $10,230 to support hunter safety classes and initiatives within the state.

Purchased hunter safety materials and equipment, including interactive shooting systems.

Turkey Restoration

Spent $1,455 to trap and transfer turkeys within the state. Expenses include the purchase of trapping equipment such as nets, rockets and rocket charges.

Women’s Programs

Spent $28,364 on programs, materials and equipment to introduce women to the outdoors, hunting and conservation. Conducted 63 Women in the Outdoors events throughout the state.


Spent $12,519 to protect wild turkeys and other wildlife through support of state sponsored reward programs, the printing of reward signs and reward payments.


Spent $6,620 on wild turkey management.

  • operation of wild turkey check stations
  • hunter success and satisfaction surveys
  • completion of wild turkey management plans
  • support of law enforcement activities

Purchased equipment to support law enforcement and management activities including:

  • ATV’s
  • weight scales for check stations
  • survey/surveillance cameras
  • gates to limit vehicular access

Land Purchase

Spent $123,997 to purchase 197 acres of land or conservation easements to preserve wildlife habitat and provide additional hunting areas.


Spent $300,844 on wild turkey research. Purchased equipment related to research such as radio telemetry equipment.

Wheelin’ Sportsmen

Spent $13,805 to provide opportunities for the disabled to participate in outdoor activities and learn about wildlife conservation. Conducted 43 Wheelin’ Sportsmen events.


Spent $163,220 on other projects including organizational dues, travel expenses to professional meetings, special NWTF projects, and chapter rebates.