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TGS-22 Conversion

Shoot your Glock for pennies per shot, instead of blowing $5 or more per magazine, with the TGS-22 Conversion for Glock Pistols from Tactical Solutions.

Tactical Solutions .22 LR conversion kits, which are available for Glock and 1911 pistols, allow a large caliber pistol to shoot .22LR by replacing a larger caliber slide and barrel with a .22LR version. All you have to do to install the TGS-22 is remove the original slide and replace it with the self-contained.22LR slide, which takes me about 20 seconds on my Glock 17.

This video from Tactical Solutions demonstrates installation.

There are a number of benefits to using a conversion kit to train with your larger caliber pistol:

  • It is significantly cheaper to shoot .22LR than any other caliber.
  • The conversion kit offers the same Glock factory sights, functions and trigger pull as an unaltered pistol.
  • .22LR is a great caliber to introduce new and young shooters to a pistol, with less noise and recoil.
  • The pistol will still fit your holster.

I tested the TGS-22, which works with Glock models 17, 22, 34, 35 and 37. I was impressed from the beginning; the conversion kit felt substantial in my hand and looked almost exactly like the factory slide on my Glock 17. Installation was as easy as promised and the .22LR slide fit perfectly onto the frame.

Once installed, I only noticed two small differences. The pistol felt a little lighter and it took less power to operate the slide. But neither change was significant or changed the way the pistol shot.

The TGS-22 shot well when I took it to the range, holding a nice group at 7 yards, and I am sure the pistol’s ability to hold a tight group exceeds my ability to shoot one. I did have the gun jam a few times during the first couple hundred rounds, not unheard of when breaking in a new gun. I look forward to having more break-in time at the range and a few good scrub downs at the cleaning bench to see if that will work out a few of the kinks.

The TSG-22 is one of the few .22LR conversion kits that lock the slide open on an empty magazine after the last round is fired. This is great from a training perspective as the pistol functions exactly the same as the original Glock pistol.

Overall, I was impressed with the TSG-22 and love the concept of being able to train with my self-defense pistol without costing myself a fortune.

- Josh Fleming, PR Manager

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