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Bev Leigh III, Alabama

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Home Chapter: Tuscaloosa Chapter
Sponsor Level: Diamond Life
Notable Fact: Has been an NWTF member for 30 years, and co-hosted the first NWTF Diamond Life Dinner.

How did you get started with the NWTF?
I received a telephone call asking to set up a meeting with me about organizing the Alabama State Chapter for NWTF. The meeting went very well, and I immediately began calling conservation-oriented friends across Alabama to join me. That first meeting was the beginning of a long, fun and rewarding relationship for myself, the NWTF and thousands of Alabamians who share my passion for wild turkeys.

Why did you join the Full Strut Club?
The life changing experience of losing my wife forced me to sit down and think about my life and the future. I thought about how important the NWTF has been to me over the years. That's when I made the decision to begin giving to the NWTF and made the decision to make some major financial gifts through my will.

In what NWTF programs are you most active?
I hosted the First Diamond Life Sponsor Dinner and remain active in promoting and organizing other Diamond Life dinners in Alabama and across the country.

What do you say to people when you're telling them about the NWTF?
The NWTF addresses issues that are near and dear to me including progressive wildlife management practices, promoting the shooting sports, protecting our hunting heritage and right to bear arms and conservation of wild turkeys.

Outside of hunting and the NWTF, what activities keep you busy?
I am very active in the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross, the local Exchange Club, the United Way, Homebuilders Association, Association of Realtors, the Tuscaloosa Personnel Association and the County Industrial Development Foundation. Beyond that I enjoy following the University of Alabama football program and fishing.



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