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Glenn and Chris Nace

We recently caught up with Glenn Nace (L) and his son Chris at the Thursday Night Welcome Party during this year's convention.

Hometown: Kokomo, Miss.

Home Chapter: Marion County NWTF, Miss.

NWTF Members Since: 1992 (Chris) and 1993 (Glenn)

Notable Fact: This year marked Glenn's first time at the NWTF's Convention and Sport Show.

NWTF: What's your favorite part about turkey hunting?

Glenn: The calling! Just getting a bird to respond to a call is a thrill to me. It's also both fun and frustrating at the same time when you get a gobbler that hangs up on you. I've been there many times, and the turkey generally wins when that happens.

Chris: I'd say the gobbling is my favorite part, too. To be out in the woods before the crack of dawn and hear an owl hoot, then a gobbler respond is really something.

NWTF: Is your chapter involved in outreach events?

Chris: Oh yeah. We have a big JAKES event down at our local lake every year, to get the kids involved in fishing and teach them about shooting and other things. It's so critical to do that because if no one teaches kids about hunting, they won't know how much fun it can be.

NWTF: What do you guys think of the convention so far?

Glenn: It's great. This is my first time at an NWTF convention and it's been a dream of mine to come to one of these for a long time.

NWTF: What's it like to be around so many people that are just as addicted to turkey hunting as you are?

Glenn: This is wild and just...unbelievable. I collect turkey calls, so I'm really looking forward to looking at all the calls on display here in Nashville. I really enjoy it.

NWTF: Why should people join the NWTF?

Glenn: By all means, they should do it because I can recall a time not too many years ago when it was rare to see a turkey track. Now, because of the NWTF and its partners, that's a common thing for many people.

Chris: The NWTF does so much to conserve the wild turkey, and the turkey population in South Mississippi has exploded over the past 10 years. It's a great thing!



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