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Frank Brazynetz

Frank and Sandy Brazynetz

Home Chapter: Washtenaw Smoky Grays— Manchester, Michigan

Title: Frank is President and Banquet Chairman for the Smoky Grays, and District Director for three southeast Michigan counties. His wife, Sandy, is secretary for the Smoky Grays.

Notable Fact: Frank hopes to complete his third Royal Slam (shotgun, muzzleloader and bow) by April of 2010.

NWTF: Tell us a little bit about your involvement with the NWTF.

Frank Brazynetz: I've been an NWTF member from 1978 to 1988, then re-joined in 1990 and have been a member ever since, for a total of 29 years. My wife Sandy has been a Women in the Outdoors member for more than 10 years. She supports me 110% in everything I do for the NWTF, and also accompanies me in the woods. She'll be finishing up her Grand Slam this spring in Florida (hopefully)!

NWTF: That's impressive. What is your favorite part about turkey hunting?

FB: I love the challenge and excitement when those gobblers start answering!

NWTF: What's one of the weirdest things that's happened to you while turkey hunting?

FB: My most hair-raising turkey hunting experience happened in Pennsylvania. I was calling, and a big sow black bear and her two cubs came to within 20 yards of me! In fact, almost every time we go turkey hunting in Pennsylvania, Sandy and I run into bears. Sandy calls herself the "bear magnet."

NWTF: You guys are known for holding successful banquets. Are there any tips people should know about?

FB: There's really no secret, in my opinion. You just need to make the people who attend happy, and make sure they have fun. If people have a good time, they'll be back. Also, watch unnecessary expenditures. Get volunteers for everything you can; even auctioneers.

NWTF: What would you say to hunters who are not NWTF members? Why should they join, and what's in it for them?

FB: The NWTF is a great organization. Not being a member means missing out on being part of the best conservation organization in the country. It's an opportunity to meet and work with great people, and make new friends from all over the country.

NWTF: Did you and Sandy get to attend the Convention and Sport Show this year in Nashville?

FB: We did attend the national convention, and it was outstanding. It's something everyone should try to attend at least once. It's quite an experience.

NWTF: Is there anything else you'd like to mention, Frank?

FB: The NWTF is a great success story that I'm proud to be a part of. I feel so strongly about the organization that I'm a Diamond Life Sponsor. I've been hunting wild turkeys for 51 years. I started traditional fall hunting in my home state of Pennsylvania when I was 12 years old. In my opinion, the NWTF coming along was the greatest thing to happen to the wild turkey. Thanks to the NWTF, we can all now enjoy turkey hunting nationwide!



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