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Jeanette Limback

Jeanette Limback

Hometown: LaMonte, Mo. Now resides in Warsaw, Mo. Jeanette has been married to her husband, Rick, for 32 years. They have one daughter and two beautiful grandchildren: Carlie, 4 and Nicholas, 2.

Home Chapter:Benton County Boss Hens — Warsaw, Mo.

Title: Women In The Outdoors Coordinator

NWTF Member Since: 1999

NWTF: How did your chapter come up with the name "Boss Hens?"

Jeanette Limback: Several names were brought up by Ellen Benitz (who recruited me) and as most of our husbands would say, "Females are just BOSSY!" So, how fitting for our chapter to use that name — after all, being bossy has its advantages!

NWTF: How does your chapter recruit new Boss Hens?

JL: I read all event evaluations and should anyone mark that they would like to be a committee member I contact them. Also, just striking up a conversation with a stranger and letting them know about the WITO usually finds women who have never heard of WITO and are excited to become a member or a committee member. Either way, it is a win-win situation. They are helping preserve our wildlife heritage for our youth.

NWTF: What are some new things that you've added to your event this year?

JL: This year I suggested a live auction, and it resulted in such a HUGE amount in sales that we will definitely offer that again, along with a silent auction and raffle.

NWTF: Do you turkey hunt, and if so, how long have you been doing it?

JL: I actually never knew how beautiful these birds were until I started hunting them three years ago. My husband called in my first bird for me. I was so excited to see a bird that close. When I shot, I didn't have a stable grip on my gun and I was sitting on a small camo chair, so this was not a pretty sight, however, I DID get my bird, along with a memorable story to tell. There's nothing like talkin' turkey!

NWTF: Is there a favorite memory involving the WITO program or NWTF that you want to mention?

JL: Two ladies who had been looking for each other for years met for the first time since birth at our event! They knew of each other and knew they were related, but their family had drifted apart.

With some digging and a lot of work, they found each other and decided meet at our WITO event. This was both ladies' first time attending a WITO event. They told me it looked like a fun place to meet.

I knew from talking with both of them before the event that they would be getting together for the first time, so when one arrived, I kept an eye out for the other. When her long-lost relative showed up, I announced to all the ladies what was going on. Everyone clapped and watched as the ladies reunited, hugged and reminisced. This is why being involved with the NWTF/WITO is such a rewarding experience to me. This is just one of many favorite memories — I have plenty more to come!

NWTF: Jeanette, why should people join the NWTF?

JL: I feel that the NWTF is the best way to conserve wildlife, protect our hunting heritage and enjoy all of our natural resources. With all of the educational programs through the NWTF, there's so much to offer.

Whether you hunt or not, it is so important to preserve our wildlife so that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can see and share in the beauty of God's creatures and land that He has created for us.

Nothing could ever touch my heart or make me feel so blessed as to see my daughter teach her children to learn, appreciate and respect the great outdoors! There's just nothing like watching little feet, small hands and big eyes as they learn and grow. These experiences turn into the best stories around the campfire that you'll ever hear.



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