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Tim Samples

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.

Tim Samples (L) with a Wheelin' Sportsmen member after a recent hunt.

NWTF Chapter Affiliation: Long Hollow Longbeards, Hendersonville, Tenn.

Family: Tim is married to his wife, Kim, and has a son, Zack, and a daughter, Jessica.

NWTF Member Since: 2001

NWTF: How long have you been a turkey hunter?

Tim Samples: I've been at it for 20 years. I've had a lot of good times in the turkey woods.

NWTF: What's your favorite turkey hunting memory, Tim?

TS: My favorite turkey hunting memory is being with my son when he got his first turkey. He was home from college for Easter, and we went out on our property and tried to work a bird. He got one, and sharing that experience with him is something that I'll never forget.

NWTF: What have your experiences with the Wheelin' Sportsmen program been like?

TS: It's a wonderful program. I recommend that everyone volunteer at just one event, and they'll be hooked. The members are so appreciative. Seeing the gratitude and the smiles on peoples' faces as they're outside having fun and doing what they love can make your eyes water up a bit.

NWTF: What motivates you to help others?

TS: I do this because these folks, especially the military folks, are very special to my heart.

I grew up in the Vietnam era, and to see some of those soldiers come home and get treated like they did...that got to me. So helping with NWTF programs from Wheelin' Sportsmen is my small way of letting military personnel from all eras, veteran or active duty, know that I appreciate their service.

Helping kids with disabilities or terminal illnesses is a wonderful experience, too. Their spirit is amazing, and I feel like my tough days are pretty trivial when I think of all the things those kids have to endure. They're a real inspiration.

NWTF: You also recently got to work with our spokeswoman, Brenda Valentine, correct?

TS: I sure did. I got the opportunity to help Brenda with a hunt this year and we've become great friends. She's without a doubt one of the most wonderful ladies that I've ever met. She's just an all-around classy Southern lady, and I'm proud to have her as the NWTF's Spokeswoman.

NWTF: Like most NWTF volunteers, Tim, you're a pretty humble person. Is there anyone else you want to thank?

TS: I want to take this opportunity to say that Tennessee is blessed with some of the best NWTF regional directors in the nation. Mark Jackson, Charlie Tollett and Tim Yates have so much heart and willingness to help with whatever people need, and that enthusiasm is contagious.

I like working with Wheelin' Sportsmen Coordinator Illana Burkhart, too. She really goes the extra mile to help Wheelin' members.

NWTF: Why should people volunteer with the NWTF?

TS: Because you get so much more in return than what you give. It makes you feel good, and to see peoples' smiles as a result of your efforts is priceless.

NWTF: Thanks for talking with us, Tim. Is there anything else you want to add?

TS: Yes— if you haven't been to an NWTF Convention but are thinking about coming to Nashville in February, by all means, do it! It's definitely something you do not want to miss. It's such a good time.



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