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Duwayne Miller, North Dakota

Hometown: Devils Lake, N.D.

Home Chapter: Lake Region Longbeards

NWTF: Duwayne, tell us a little about yourself.
DM: I have four adult children. My wife of 12 years, Maryln, has three children, and we have seven grandchildren. Maryln and I hunt turkeys, pheasant and deer and shoot prairie dogs. We enjoy traveling and visiting our children and grandchildren.

NWTF: How did you become interested in the outdoors and turkey hunting?
DM: I was born and raised on a farm and have always enjoyed the great outdoors. When I was pheasant hunting one day, I saw a turkey. So I bought some turkey tags and shot a couple of birds. I decided that since turkey hunting was a great sport, it was time to give something back.

NWTF: Tell us about your involvement with the NWTF.
DM: I have been an NWTF member for 14 years. I was a founding member of the Lake Region Longbeards Chapter and have hosted 15 banquets. I have served as North Dakota's State Chapter president twice.

NWTF: What originally made you want to join the NWTF?
DM: The NWTF's outreach programs, conservation projects and its support of National 4-H Shooting Sports.

NWTF: What does it take to host a successful banquet?
DM: Plan well and stay focused. Have a good committee of people who know a lot of other people. And don't be afraid to ask people to come to your banquet.

The Lake Region Longbeards Chapter works hard to make our banquets exciting by having new games and a variety of activities for everyone to try. We also raffle off a lot of guns at our banquets, and that's a big deal in this part of the country.

NWTF: What fuels your desire to volunteer your time with the NWTF?
DM: I volunteer because I love to hunt, and the NWTF does so much conservation work. Conservation projects make such great improvements that help wildlife, and being an NWTF member is a great way to give back to the wildlife community.

NWTF: Why should people join the NWTF?
DM: People should join to support the NWTF's conservation efforts, since turkey conservation also benefits other wildlife species. And to support our youth, because youth are the future of the sport. Being involved with the NWTF and working with other NWTF volunteers is so rewarding.



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