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Kenneth Weiss and Kenneth "Kenny" Weiss Jr.

Hometown: Mobile, Ala.
Home Chapter: West Mobile Golden Spurs
NWTF members since: 1998

Kenneth, his wife Cathy, his daughter Melanie (22) and son Kenny (13) are all committed NWTF members. Kenny is already a champion turkey caller who wins calling championships using only his natural voice.

Kenneth and Kenny Weiss

NWTF: Kenneth, your entire family has been West Mobile Golden Spurs Chapter members since the chapter started. What keeps your family involved with the NWTF?
Kenneth Weiss: This is a family thing for us; it's something we can all be involved in.

I heard just a few days ago that the West Mobile Golden Spurs Chapter is now the third largest NWTF chapter in the country. So far, our chapter has had four banquets. Last year, I sold more than 160 tickets to our banquet myself. We're committed to the NWTF and excited about its future.

NWTF: How excited are you about this year's NWTF National Convention and Sport Show?
Kenneth: Oh man, we're so excited. Whenever the convention rolls around, it is always on our schedule to go if we can. And this convention is going to be extra special to us, because Kenny is going to one of the first youth to ever compete in the Grand National Gobbling Contest against the big boys. But we love the convention anyway; we've been going four or five years now and the people involved with the NWTF who we get to meet are just great.

NWTF: How about you, Kenny?
Kenneth "Kenny" Weiss, Jr.: Yes ma'am! I love hearing all the turkey calling and seeing the amazing taxidermy work. I look so forward to the convention; it is my favorite vacation we take every year.

NWTF: Kenny, you are an award winning turkey caller! How did you develop your special talent of turkey calling using your natural voice?
Kenny: When I was about two and a half, I started mimicking the turkeys I saw on the television using my natural voice. My dad said I would get tense and sound like a horse neighing. So my dad listened to me call like that for about three months and then he taught me how to make the basic turkey call sound.

Kenneth Weiss: NWTF Regional Field Supervisor Chris Adams got Kenny up on the stage for the first time at one of our chapter's banquets. Kenny was shy at first, but once everyone applauded... man, he hammed it up and he hasn't stopped since. (laughs)

Kenny wasn't raised to be a turkey caller; he's a hunter. So he's sort of like a sleeper turkey caller. Kenny has been told that if he will add just one to two points to each of his scores, he'll be the Grand National champion someday.

NWTF: That's impressive!

Kenneth: Yes, and if you haven't seen this online video of him you owe it to yourself to watch it.

NWTF: Kenny, what do you love about turkey hunting?
Kenny: The thing I like the most is hearing them flying down in the morning, and I just love seeing them do their thing. I just love everything about it.

NWTF: What advice can you give an amateur turkey caller?
Kenny: The best advice I would give a new turkey caller for the yelp call is when you're making that call, practice saying "key yonk."

I also like listening to all the turkey sounds on NWTF's website.

When I practice calling, I usually sit in the den with my dad and do my turkey calling and he will tell me what I need to fix. I also try different calls to just mix it up a little.

NWTF: What do your classmates think about your talent?
Kenny: My friends at school think it's pretty cool. I entered my school's talent show and everyone was cheering for me. All my friends are excited about me competing at the convention; they support me and hope I do well.

Kenneth: At school he's known as "The Gobbler" or some people call him "Turkey." He's made quite a name for himself.

NWTF: Kenneth, what has it meant for you to share all of these outdoors experiences with your son?
Kenneth: Oh, how can I put it into words? We get to meet and pal around with some of the best hunters around; we're living every hunter's dream!

Because we are involved with the NWTF, Kenny has more aunts and uncles now. NWTF staff and volunteers are like his family. He now has an Uncle Chris, an Aunt Abby and more!

And then when I think about all the callers he has met; it's just fantastic. He has called with some of the most famous turkey callers out there!

The opportunities Kenny has had through the NWTF have been incredible; he has even filmed a hunt for television. He is getting to meet and hunt with some of the premier hunters in the world.

NWTF: Kenny, what does it mean to you to know that you have had these opportunities through your parents introducing you to the outdoors?
Kenny: Oh, it means so much to me that my family let me grow up loving the woods and hunting. My dad taking me in the woods and teaching me all he knows has just been a great experience. The best thing about it is just being outdoors with my mom and dad and hoping that God will bring in some game for us.

NWTF: Good luck in this year's competition, Kenny! We'll see you in Nashville!



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