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Randy Stafford

Hometown: Franklinton, La.
Hometown Chapter: South Louisiana Sponsor Chapter
NWTF member since: 1993

NWTF: Randy, you're a longtime NWTF member, a Diamond Life Sponsor and the Louisiana State Chapter president. How did you get involved with the NWTF and what has kept you so heavily involved year after year?
Randy Stafford: My brother started our chapter; then I joined and eventually took his place. What I like about the NWTF and our chapter in particular is the emphasis we put on our outreach programs. Our chapter's biggest goal right now is to grow our outreach programs.

I really care about the JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) youth outreach program. Our has been the best JAKES program in Louisiana for several years now.

Randy Stafford

NWTF: What's the secret to your chapter's success with your JAKES program?
RS: We host quite a few events throughout the year. We always try to have something going on for our youth year round, whether we are hosting turkey and deer contests, putting floats together or something else.

NWTF: Why is the JAKES outreach program so important?
RS: Young people are our future so our chapter invests the majority of our time in passing on our hunting heritage to our youth. It is important that we introduce our youth to the outdoors, because there are so many other bad things they could get involved with. Being involved in the outdoors gives youth something else - something good - to do and helps us keep them off the streets. All of the NWTF's outreach programs give an outlet to so many people who may not otherwise get an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

NWTF: What do you think makes the NWTF such a special organization?
RS: The NWTF is unique. I'm proud that the NWTF supports our Christian values. We are all a big family of people with the same values. And the fellowship we enjoy - not just within our own chapters but across the United States and beyond - is so special. The NWTF is just a tremendous organization and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

NWTF: So Randy, what is your favorite part about turkey hunting?
RS: Everything, from getting up at the crack of dawn to listening to the turkeys gobble. Turkey hunting is so relaxing; it gets me away from the business and technology of everyday life.

NWTF: So are you hooked on turkey hunting?
RS: (laughs) Oh yes, I've been fortunate to hunt turkeys in every state and to meet people from across Louisiana and beyond. I've killed turkeys in 49 states.

NWTF: Wow! What's the secret to your turkey hunting success?
RS: My success has everything to do with my wife, Debbie. She and I have hunted together in 48 states. My hearing is very poor so Debbie has been my ears in the woods. I could not have accomplished my turkey hunting successes without her.

NWTF: How fun has it been to travel around hunting with your wife?
RS: It's been huge. I've been very fortunate. Hunting together helped our relationship grow so much. Debbie has been right there alongside me since I got involved with the NWTF. I would not be able to do everything I do without her help.

NWTF: What's next for you two?
RS: Debbie has killed turkeys in 24 states so far so now we are going back to other states to try to get her a turkey in the other states.

NWTF: What does the rest of your family think your NWTF involvement and turkey hunting success?
RS: Our family is like the Brady Bunch: Debbie has three children and I have three children. All our children hunt and are NWTF sponsors, too. We do all of this together. Hunting, enjoying the outdoors and staying involved with the NWTF is a family affair for us.



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