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Terry and Sara Robinson

Hometown: Crossville, Tenn.
Hometown Chapter: Caney Fork Chapter

NWTF: How long have you been NWTF members?
Terry Robinson: About 15 years.

Terry and Sara Robinson, NWTF volunteers from the Caney Fork Chapter.

NWTF: Have you always been involved with the NWTF together?
TR: No, Sara and I weren't together when I first got involved with the NWTF. After we got married, though, we both joined the NWTF and have been members ever since.

NWTF: What makes you want to donate so much of your time to volunteering for the NWTF?
TR: We support everything the NWTF does, like the Turkey Hunters Care program and especially the Wheelin' Sportsmen, JAKES and Women in the Outdoors outreach programs.

Plus, the NWTF helps its members. We have received money from the NWTF to plant food plots on state land here in Tennessee.

NWTF: Do you have children?
Sara Robinson: Yes, we have a daughter Macey, who is 12.

NWTF: Is Macey a hunter?
TR: She is. She killed her first deer when she was 10, and she killed her first turkey last year. Before she killed the turkey, she would not shoot the gun by herself. Now all I have to do is sight the gun in, and she is ready to go.

NWTF: Why should we get our children involved with hunting, fishing and the outdoors?
TR: It is important that we introduce our children to the outdoors, hunting and shooting so youth will be familiar with a gun and know the precautions a person must take when handling a gun.

Being involved in the outdoors teaches so many things about conserving wildlife and even teaches simple, yet important things, like knowing which snakes are poisonous.

SR: Introducing our children to the outdoors keeps youth closer to their parents and prevents them from getting mixed up in activities they should not be involved with. And when we teach our children to hunt and fish, we teach them the reasons we should take care of the outdoors. Being involved in the outdoors is just good for everyone.

NWTF: How do you think being involved in the outdoors helps families stay close?
TR: Being involved in the outdoors has helped our relationship a lot because we are together from daylight until dark most all the time. And our successes are doubled. I am just as happy for Sara when she harvests a turkey as I am when I get a bird.
SR: I enjoy being outdoors with Terry. I don't want to go hunting with anyone else besides him. He is my hunting partner, always.

NWTF: Sara, how do you encourage other women to get involved in the outdoors?
SR: I tell them the NWTF is not just about hunting, because I think there may be a misconception that a person has to hunt to be involved with the NWTF and that's just not the case. The NWTF promotes just being outdoors, whether a person enjoys gardening, bird watching or photography. And it does make families closer when they enjoy being together outdoors.

NWTF: When you think about the NWTF's future, what do you hope for?
TR: We pray the NWTF will continue to be successful so we can keep enjoying the outdoors together.
SR: And we pray for the NWTF's success with helping conserve our wildlife so we will continue to have land to hunt, fish and play on. The NWTF is a big part of our life; we enjoy being a part of it.



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