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Andrew McKean

Hometown: Glasgow, Mo.
Hometown Chapter: Milk River Gobblers
NWTF Involvement Andrew was a founding member of the Helena, Montana chapter, the Glasgow, Montana chapter and the state board chapter. He also served as state chapter president.

NWTF: Why was it important for you to get the NWTF started in the areas you have lived?
Andrew McKean: I grew up in Missouri during the time when turkeys were just coming back. My parents hadn't gotten to hunt turkeys, but the older members of our community remembered hunting them. I guess I was just a farm boy figuring it out. When I moved to Montana, I realized there weren't many turkeys to be found. The restoration of the turkeys isn't done in this state and I knew the NWTF would be the best way to complete the process.

Andrew McKean

NWTF: What else do you like about being a part of the NWTF?
AM: Well, the interesting thing about Montana is that we are kind of known as a hooves and horns kind of country. But turkey hunting is really growing and women and children are becoming more and more active in the sport and the NWTF allows them a way to do that.

I have also made a great community of friends through the NWTF.

NWTF: Do you have any particularly memorable hunts?
AM: One of my first hunts in Montana, I took a guy who had never been hunting before. I called him in two gobblers from across a bare field and he got to see them running in for the first time. I remember the look on his face. It was kind of like flipping a switch, too, because now he takes out amateur hunters. We got those Toms that day!

NWTF: What is unique about your chapter?
AM: I think our chapter is unique because we have a lot of young professionals who are members and active volunteers. A lot of the other chapters I have visited with are made up of an older generation of hunter. We are really energetic and passionate people. We're also kind of unique from other parts of the country because we have taken a big part in the trap and transplant projects going on in our state. It's nice to see the rewards of our work when we head out on opening day.



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