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Dean Schueler

Hometown: Sioux Falls, S.D.
Hometown Chapter: East Dakota Chapter
NWTF member since: 1994
NWTF Involvement Dean has been with the East Dakota Chapter since its inception and has served as the president and banquet chair. He also serves on and is past president of the South Dakota state chapter board.

Dean Schueler

NWTF: How did you first get involved with turkey hunting?
Dean Schueler: Spring used to be an off-season, so we would just hunt turkey as filler between other game seasons. But then I shot my first turkey in 1975. Now I consider the turkey to be the ultimate hunt of them all. My friend and I have been going together every year since 1980.

NWTF: What's your favorite part of turkey hunting?
DS: Being outside in the spring. I'm really proud of the Grand Slam I got last year as well. I had kind of put it on my bucket list so I was really excited.

NWTF: What's your favorite thing about being a part of the NWTF?

DS: I really like the people. I truly believe the NWTF has the best people. The NWTF staff and volunteers are very special. They do a great job of recognizing volunteers for the work they put in.

NWTF: Tell me more about your local chapter.

DS: We are a great chapter. We have been a Golden Gobbler chapter for 18 years. We are really great fundraisers. We are active with Turkey Hunters Care and JAKES. Our state chapter has an annual Wheelin' Sportsmen Pheasant Hunt that we always take part in as well.



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