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Gary Reeder

Hometown: Manchester, Iowa
Hometown Chapter: Maquoketa Valley Struttin' Toms
NWTF member since: 1996
NWTF Involvement: Gary is the Iowa state chapter president and a past-president of the Maquoketa Valley Struttin' Toms.

Gary Reeder

NWTF: You sound like a very busy guy.
Gary Reeder: There's a lot to do. I am constantly stopped in town because people recognize me as the "turkey guy." It takes a lot of energy, but it's all worth it in the end. Especially when you see youth getting involved.

NWTF: Tell me about your chapter.
GR: Our chapter is really good at fund raising and is usually brings in the most money for our banquet. Since 2005, we have hosted the state-calling contest, which is wildly popular. We also hold an annual JAKES day at a local hatchery that's a lot of fun. We volunteer at the gates of our local fair and we have a scholarship program.

NWTF: How did you get involved with turkey hunting?

GR: I started turkey hunting in the 1980s in the fall season and then started hunting both seasons. It quickly became my favorite type of hunting. The first one I shot in the spring season weighed 28 lbs. I've shot hundreds since then but that is still my biggest.

NWTF: Does your family support your favorite sport?

GR: They know it's my passion so they are ok with it. I have been hunting with my son since he was little and still call them in for him sometimes. I have taken my youngest daughter and helped her get five or six birds. I recently got to take my grandson and we didn't shoot any but came really close.

NWTF: So what's the best part about being in the NWTF?

TB: The best part is all of the people I've met. I also really like being involved with the conservation side of things. I've gone to the National Convention since 1998, only missing the two that were in Charlotte.



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