Doug Noteboom

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Hometown Chapter: East Dakota Chapter
NWTF member since: 1992
NWTF Involvement: Doug is one of the founders of the East Dakota Chapter, the second NWTF chapter to form in South Dakota. He is also past-president and current board member of the South Dakota state chapter.

Doug Noteboom

NWTF: What got you involved with the NWTF?
Doug Noteboom: Doug Noteboom: I have a massive love affair with the wild turkey. My first turkey hunt was in the spring of 1968 and I have been fascinated with the bird ever since! I got a call from Charlie Burke asking if I wanted to help start the chapter in Sioux Falls and I agreed.

NWTF: How does your wife feel about your love affair?
DN: I think she's glad to see me gone for a while in the spring! No, she's been very supportive. She likes to go hunting with me and has even shot a turkey but one was enough for her.

NWTF: What was your best hunt?
DN: My most memorable one was my first hunt I went on in '68. I had been interested in learning how to call, so I ordered a call and just followed the instructions. Once I learned how to use it, the instructions told me to go to a local gas station and ask the attendant if he knew where any turkeys were. The attendant told me where to find some, so I went up there and started calling. I made one call and got a response and I was so excited. Within 45 minutes, I had called in a turkey and I was so surprised. It was seven years before I shot my next one but I didn't give up, and I haven't missed a spring since.

NWTF: What is special about your local chapter?
DN: We focus a lot on raising money. Several years ago, a loyal member passed away and left us a substantial legacy that we use to give scholarships every year. Our state holds a Wheelin' fall pheasant hunt every year.

NWTF: Why do you think it's important for people to support the NWTF?
DN: I believe very strongly that you should give back to the natural resources that you enjoy. The wonders of the outdoors have given so much to me and I just think I should give back.

NWTF: What's the best part of being a member of the NWTF?
DN: It's just been a joy. I have made lots of friends and always have a great time getting together with other like-minded people.



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