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Shane Hall

Hometown: Dyersburg, Tenn.
Hometown Chapter: Forked Deer Longbeards
NWTF member since: 2007
NWTF Involvement: Shane is the NWTF Tennessee State Wheelin' Sportmen Coordinator, organizing and supervising at least 17 annual NWTF events in his state.

Shane Hall

NWTF: How did you become a turkey hunter?
Shane Hall: I was injured in an accident 22 years ago that left me with limited use of my legs. Years later, somebody told me that there was no way anybody in my condition could be a turkey hunter. That really ticked me off. That's when I got started.

NWTF: What has made you so passionate in organizing Wheelin' Sportsmen events, so much so that NWTF members from other states come to you for advice?
SH: I want handicapped citizens to realize there are outdoor opportunities out there for them. For a long time I didn't have a purpose. Then I realized that this is what God meant for me to do.

NWTF: What is your explanation for your success in growing the Tennessee Wheelin' Sportsmen program and filling it with first-class events?
SH: The people who volunteer and support the program. The NWTF Tennessee State Board has been behind us. We've got all the local chapters on board. In the past, no one knew how to make the program work. I guess I just had the gumption and the willpower that was needed.

NWTF: How much help and support do you get from your wife Melissa and 16-year-old son Britt?
SH: I can walk a little bit, but they try to do everything for me. Melissa gets on me for doing too much. Britt always jumps in and pitches in when he's there. I couldn't do this without their support. When I'm not organizing or putting on hunts, I'm often at banquets speaking about the program.

NWTF: What is your foremost goal at NWTF Wheelin' Sportsmen events?
SH: I want every participant to relax, forget about their problems, enjoy the camaraderie and have a good time. I don't want them to want for anything. We make sure each hunter has enough space and support, eats well, has a good place to sleep and enjoys some entertainment. If they harvest a bird, that's a bonus.

NWTF: What's your biggest concern with the Wheelin' Sportsmen program?
SH: I'd like to hold more events for disabled children. I think it's our responsibility to give them the opportunities to experience what God created for us to enjoy. I'd like to hunting and fishing events for at least 60 to 100 children.

NWTF:How would you describe your experience with the NWTF?
SH: The Good Lord has blessed this organization. I have a big support group with the NWTF. We are an extended family whose members have the biggest hearts in the world.

NWTF: How often are you able to enjoy the outdoors yourself?
SH:: I hunt a lot, but never at the events I coordinate. I can hit a golfball 280 yards while sitting on a stool. I got my first gobbler three or four years ago at the SRS Wheelin' Sportsmen hunt near NWTF headquarters.



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