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Dan Zerr

Hometown: Dardenne, Mo.
Hometown Chapter: Gateway Long Spurs
NWTF member since: 1981
NWTF Involvement: Past president, treasurer and secretary of Missouri State Chapter. Served on state chapter board the past 27 years. Founding member of the Gateway Long Spurs and banquet chairman the past 27 years. Helps out with distribution of conservation seed to regional chapters.

Dan Zerr

NWTF: What do you like most about being a part of the NWTF?
Dan Zerr: The people. I've made a lot of friends who are now much more like family, and the NWTF does a lot for conservation.

NWTF: What got you involved with the NWTF in the first place?
DZ: I had been duck and goose hunting with friends for four or five years, but I thought turkey hunting would be different - it always intrigued me. I always wanted to do more than just go to banquets. With the NWTF, I got that chance.

NWTF: So how did you become hooked on turkey hunting?
DZ: In 1981, some of us managed to get permission to be one of the first groups to hunt in a conservation area. I harvested a bird. That first turkey corrupted me forever.

NWTF: What are your favorite turkey hunting memories?
DZ: I completed my grand slam last spring in Florida. I also went on two great NWTF-sponsored hunts in Montana and harvested turkeys both times.

NWTF: How has turkey hunting become a family activity?
DZ: I have three sons and one girl. I took the kids hunting when they were young and now they're taking me. Now, I'm waiting to hunt with my grandkids. My daughter doesn't hunt, but my son-in-law hunts with us. It's a great activity for the family to spend time together.

NWTF: Do you get to hunt often?
DZ: My hunting is pretty heavy during the spring season. During the fall, I hunt whenever I can.

NWTF: Why have you stayed active in the NWTF at the local and state level for so long?
DZ: The NWTF is involved in many important areas such as hunter education. The people make it fun. It's not like it's work.



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