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Missy Letterman

Hometown: Lewisburg, Pa.
Hometown Chapter: White Deer Jakes
NWTF member since: 2007
NWTF Involvement: Secretary, White Deer Jakes Chapter, and Event Coordinator for Tri-Chapter Women in the Outdoors Event (White Deer Jakes, ColMont, and SUN area local chapters).

NWTF: What do you like most about being a part of the NWTF?
Missy Letterman: Through participating in events and starting our own local chapter with some friends and co-workers, I saw the good work the NWTF does for wildlife and preserving the environment. Our state and local chapters help ladies and youth discover their interests, and the NWTF helps support chapters in passing on sportsmanship and a love of the outdoors to future generations. We've made some great friends through our involvement with the NWTF.

NWTF: What are your favorite memories with the NWTF?
Missy: I have many fond memories of meeting new friends as we travel to banquets all around the state and continue to build a network for our chapter's events. At our Women in the Outdoors events, it's so rewarding to see ladies try something new, cheer each other on, and be so excited when realize they are capable of anything. It's just a matter of trying! Giving them that opportunity is priceless.

NWTF: What got you involved with the NWTF in the first place?
Missy: My husband Scott became involved through NWTF contacts that also participated in teaching at his hunter safety courses. He and I got our feet wet teaching sessions at a local Women in the Outdoors event in 1999.

NWTF: What are some of the things your chapter has been doing?
Missy: The last two years we have been working to build our membership. I have been specifically focused on designing a quality WITO event to give local ladies an opportunity to come enjoy a day outdoors and try new experiences in an environment that is encouraging and supportive, instead of competitive. I think we're reaching that goal.

NWTF: Why should people support the NWTF?
Missy: If everyone could see, firsthand, the benefits of even one outreach project, they would have no hesitation in becoming involved and supporting our mission. And the fact that the NWTF reaches out to all demographics and has opportunities for the whole family, not just the seasoned turkey hunter, is a rare breed.

NWTF: Why do you feel Women in the Outdoors is an important program?
Missy: Many ladies are intimidated to approach new activities in mixed company. The Women in the Outdoors events give ladies an opportunity to try new outdoor ventures in a relaxed, non-competitive, individualized setting that is efficient and affordable. And the ladies have a unique "sisterhood" where they are cheering each other on, even if they are complete strangers!



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