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Terry Greer

Hometown: Joplin, Mo.
Hometown Chapter: Turkey Creek Longbeards
NWTF Member Since: 2003
NWTF Involvement: Helps NWTF regional director Tim Besancenez at several NWTF banquets in southwest Missouri; donates and guides several hunts for youth and first-time hunters on his property; very active in Turkey Creek Longbeards events.

NWTF: How did you get involved in the NWTF?
Terry Greer: My boss was on the local chapter committee and he got me to a meeting. The thing I liked most about it was that it stressed family and kids. My family is everything to me.

NWTF: Why are you so heavily involved with NWTF outreach programs and providing hunting opportunities for other first-time hunters?
TG: We need more kids to start hunting. Kids are spending too much time inside. If we don't get people hunting then hunting is going to die. Lots of people really don't know what guns are for.

NWTF: What role has hunting and the NWTF played in your family?
TG: I got married young. We couldn't afford much and our kids were raised on game. I have three sons and one daughter and they all hunt. My wife hunts with me. I have 10 grandchildren and they're starting to hunt. One of my granddaughters just harvested her first buck.

NWTF: What is your greatest thrill as a hunter?
TG: My best memories are of guiding kids. I'd rather see a kid or an adult who has never harvested a bird or deer be successful than get one myself. If there's time for me to harvest a turkey, that's great.

NWTF: Why have you devoted most of your personal hunting time to bowhunting in recent years?
TG: Turkey hunting with a bow is awesome. It's much more of a challenge. You have to get right in there with them. I harvested two turkeys with a bow this past year. I'd be more excited to harvest a turkey with a bow than to shoot a 250-inch buck.

NWTF: How did you get started helping Tim Besancenez with regional banquets?
TG: I enjoy it. Tim and I have become good friends. When he's in the area, he often stays at my home. I do everything he needs. I set up, tear down, work the door, run drawings - I do it all. My wife goes with me and she'll run a game or something.

NWTF: How have you witnessed the success of the NWTF's turkey restoration efforts?
TG: When I was growing up, I hunted but didn't see any turkeys. Around 1980, they released turkeys about 20 miles north of where I live. I would go up there to hunt. I have hunting land about an hour away. Now, I see turkeys around where I live.



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