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NWTF Corporate Trademarks ©2015

The NWTF allows its chapters to use the logos on this website as a part of their activities, and media to use in their publications. NWTF logos are not allowed to be used or reproduced for the sale or endorsement of products without written permission of the NWTF. For more information on the use of NWTF logos, contact Trent Harrelson at or (803) 637-7603.

Organization Identity and Brand Standards Manual

All external and internal communications and promotional materials must comply with NWTF's brand standards. Download the brand standards manual for important information to communicate using the NWTF brand, including examples of proper and improper applications. These design elements and usage guidelines ensure visual consistency across a variety of communications.

NWTF Logos

Left click on the logo you want to download. When you download a logo package you will get a compressed file. If you don't have a decompression utility installed on your computer, you can download Stuffit Expander (Mac) or WinZip (PC). The link will appear in a new window.



NWTF Conservation Program Logos


The NWTF trademarks on this website are suitable for a wide variety of projects. The file you use will depend on the specifics of your project. These guidelines will help you determine the correct file for your situation.

EPS file — suitable for high quality reproduction, including 4-color process printing. May not print well to non-postscript desktop printers. Can be scaled as needed with no loss of quality. EPS files should be used with high-end publishing software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, and CorelDraw. EPS files are not suitable for use in word processing software (Word, Powerpoint, etc.).

JPG file — will display within most word processing and publishing programs. Will print to desktop printers. Not suitable for high quality 4-color printing. Can be reduced to fit — enlarging is not recommended. JPG files use a "lossy" compression scheme that creates a small file size at the expense of some quality.

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