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New Iowa Legislation Helps Hunters, Conservationists

When Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed the state's Dove Bill into law in March, he officially granted the Iowa Department of Natural Resources the authority to set a hunting season for mourning doves just as the agency does for all other game species.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources projects that 20,000 Iowa dove hunters could generate a $6.9 million boost to the state's economy and generate $462,000 in sales taxes.

This is the second major victory for conservation and hunting in Iowa within the past six months.

In November of 2010, the first victory was won with the passage of a constitutional amendment that established a constitutionally protected Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund to preserve Iowa's land, water and wildlife resources and outdoor recreational opportunities. Sixty-three percent of Iowans voted in favor of this amendment.

This amendment will allow three-eighths of 1 percent of a sales tax increase to be dedicated to the trust fund, but does not increase the sales tax now. An estimated $150 million may be generated for the trust fund annually if the Iowa General Assembly imposes a future sales tax increase.

The National Wild Turkey Federation commends Iowa's hunters and conservationists for doing their part to preserve our hunting heritage and protect Iowa's quality of life and natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.




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