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Legislation Defeated that Labeled Hunting Air Guns as Toys

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California Senate Bill 798 would have expanded the definition of "imitation firearm" to include BB and pellet guns and require that the guns be manufactured with brightly-colored exteriors, such as orange, red or yellow, in order for them to be easily distinguished from firearms.

The bill would have impacted pellet guns legally used for turkey hunting in California. Currently .20 caliber or larger pellet guns are legal for hunting turkeys in the state because many large flocks reside in semi-urban areas where hunting them with a shotgun is not feasible. This bill also would have also impacted .177 caliber pellet guns, which will become a legal method to take turkeys beginning in the fall 2011 turkey season.

SB 798 and its coloring requirements would have rendered these air guns essentially useless for hunting turkeys in California.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance, SB 798 failed on a 2-5 vote in the Assembly Public Safety Committee.




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