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Oakdale woman tops men, mentor to win world title

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A two-time Ladies Division champion, Karie Scott added a title in the 20-gauge Open Division.

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — Karie Scott overcame a strong field of competition, including her mentor, and tricky, windy conditions Oct. 1 to win the 20-gauge Open Division at the NWTF's 2011 Wild Turkey World Still Target Championships.

Scott, from Oakdale, Tenn., claimed her third career world championship at the event. Her previous two were in the Ladies Division. The finalists included Steve Conover of Jamestown, Ky., who taught Scott how to shoot. A finalist behind Scott in the 20-gauge, Conover won the 12-gauge Open title.

"It's fun," Scott said of coming out on top in a majority-male division. "I think I shoot better against the men. There are more of them you have to beat."

Still-target shooting simulates turkey hunters shooting a wild turkey gobbler at 40 yards with a shotgun. Winners are determined by the number of pellets a shooter is able to put in a 3-inch circle on a paper target.

Shooters faced some of the most difficult weather conditions that the Still Target Championship has seen in recent years. Gusting winds, widely fluctuating temperatures and varying humidity added an extra level of complexity for competitors.

After dozens of rounds of qualifying competition on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, Scott joined other finalists later in the day on Saturday as the competition's drama unfolded in the finals. Scott's winning combination was a Savage 220 with an Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike turkey choke and two ounces of HEVI-13 No. 6 shot.

Originally known as a "turkey shoot," the NWTF's Still Target Championships were conceived 19 years ago as a conservation effort to help turkey hunters better understand the point of aim and point of impact of their turkey guns.

"The ultimate goal of the competition is to reduce crippling loss and misses in the field, but it's also a great way for equipment manufacturers to improve their turkey hunting products," said Rhett Simmons, NWTF director of special events.




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