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The Georgia State Chapter Board of Directors is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to purchase Turkey Gold® Chufa at a subsidized price. The Georgia State Hunting Heritage Super Fund will pay 40 percent of the seed charges.

Members may purchase a total of one:

  • 50-pound bag of Turkey Gold® Chufa for just $71, shipping included

All orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited on subsidized seed due to the dollars allocated to the program. Chufa will start shipping as soon as possible and continue through June.

***As an additional benefit, each member can purchase additional bags of Turkey Gold® Chufa for just $105 each, in unlimited quantities. However, to take advantage of these savings, you must submit the order with this seed subsidy offer.

Turkey Gold® Chufa produces small nut-like tubers that turkeys scratch out of the ground. Once birds find the tubers in the fall, they keep coming back. A 50-pound bag of seed will cover approximately 1 acre.

Every bag purchased results in an acre of quality wild turkey brood habitat being established. This helps the Georgia State Chapter address a key issue identified in our state strategy of the North American Wild Turkey Management Plan. Your membership and financial support at our banquets helps make this program possible and allows the chapter to address high priority habitat needs in our state.

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