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Happy Birthday: NWTF Banquet System Hits Milestone

It's celebration time for NWTF chapters in Atlanta and Jacksonville in this 30th year of Hunting Heritage banquets, which are the backbone of the NWTF's conservation efforts.

Thanks to the revenues produced through the banquet program, the NWTF was able to restore the wild turkey throughout North America and become the leader in upland wildlife conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

Join the fun Oct. 11, at the NWTF Atlanta Chapter banquet at Yaarab Shrine Temple or support the Jacksonville Chapter banquet in 2013. These are the first chapters formed and they are having their 30th annual banquets.

"In my estimation, the NWTF is one of the finest organizations ever conceived," said Retired Army Col. Jim Newbill, who served more than 12 years as one of the NWTF's first regional directors and remains a longtime committee member of the Atlanta Chapter.

By utilizing the fun and excitement enjoyed at banquets to recruit members, the NWTF's membership has grown to more than 200,000 as it approaches its 40th anniversary in 2013.

The NWTF has invested more than $372 million to conserve more than 17 million acres of wildlife habitat, in large part due to Hunting Heritage banquets.

"The way to get new members in the community has been for members to bring their friends to banquets," said Newbill. "Our growth has come primarily through the banquet system."




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