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Maryland Subsidy Offer Spring 2013

Dear Maryland Member:

The Maryland State Chapter Board of Directors is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to purchase Turkey Gold Chufa, Buckwheat, and Alfalfa Attractant Strut & Rut® Mix at a subsidized price. The Alfalfa Attractant is an excellent mix for deer and turkeys. Consisting of 30% Alfalfa, 25% White Dutch Clover, 25% Medium Red Clover, and 20% Persian Clover, pre-inoculated. The Maryland State Hunting Heritage Super Fund will pay for 50 percent of the seed and shipping charges.

Annual members must choose only ONE of the subsidized options on the offer form. Sponsor members may choose 2 of the same item OR mix & match 2 different items. (only receiving total of 2 items)

All orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited on subsidized seed due to the dollars allocated to the program. For shipping allow 2 to 3 weeks from the date your order is entered in our system. Additional bags of seed may be purchased in unlimited quantities using the non subsidized portion of the order form.

Turkey Gold® Chufa produces small nut-like tubers that turkeys scratch out of the ground. Once birds find the tubers in the fall, they keep coming back. A 50-pound bag of seed will cover approximately 1 acre. Select an open area that receives full sunlight. Sandy or loamy soils are preferred. Prepare the seedbed by plowing and disking. Have soil tested to determine exact amounts of lime and fertilizer to add. If you cannot get the soil tested, use 400 pounds of 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 fertilizer and 1,000 pounds of lime per acre. Soil pH should be between 6.4 - 7.2. Broadcast, May through mid July, at a rate of 40-50 pounds per acre and plant at a depth of 2 to 3 inches.

Buckwheat is a very popular feed crop for wildlife, as well as an excellent cover crop. Buckwheat does well in almost any soil and can grow from two-to-five feet tall. This plant produces heavy seeds that shatter easily making the seeds readily accessible to turkeys, ducks, quail and other game and non-game species. Plant after the danger of frost and at the rate of 40-50 lbs. per acre. For best results, a weed-free, smooth, well-prepared seedbed should be established before the crop is seeded. Seed should be placed into moist soil to ensure quick germination (can mature in 10 to 12 weeks with good weather). Do not seed more than 2 inches deep. Fertilize with 5-10-10.

S&R® Alfalfa Attractant Mix comes pre-inoculated and a 12-pound bag will cover approximately one acre. This mixture will provide areas of food and cover throughout the winter and provide excellent nesting and brood-rearing cover during spring and early summer. This mix is great for wild turkey, deer and other wildlife. Broadcast 12-pounds over one acre from May into late June and through September in the fall. Cover seed ¼” deep using a drag or culti-packer to insure good soil to seed contact. Soil pH should be 5.5 - 7.0. If you cannot have soil tested, fertilize with 5-10-15 at a rate of 250 pounds per acre and a minimum of 2,000 pounds of lime per acre.

Every bag purchased results in up to 1 acre of quality wild turkey fall and winter forage being established. This helps the MD State Chapter address a key issue identified in our state strategy of the North American Wild Turkey Management Plan. Your membership and financial support at our banquets helps make this program possible and allows the chapter to address high priority habitat needs in our state. THANK YOU!

Click here to download a seed subsidy order form.


Bobby Boarman
Maryland State Chapter President
National Wild Turkey Federation




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