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West Virginia Subsidy Offer Spring 2013

Dear West Virginia Member:

The West Virginia State Chapter Board of Directors is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to purchase seed, seedlings and tree protectors at a subsidized price. Members are limited based on their level of membership listed on the order form. The West Virginia State Hunting Heritage Super Fund will pay 50% of the products and shipping charges.

All orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited on subsidized products due to the dollars allocated to the program. Seed & tree protector shipping allow 2 to 3 weeks from the date your order is entered in our system. Seedlings will be shipped after April 1st. Additional products may be purchased in unlimited quantities using the non subsidized portion of the order form.

Triple Threat Clover Strut and Rut® Mix is a concentrated, pre-inoculated clover mix including Crimson, Patriot, and Durana clovers. All seeds in this mix are legumes, which means that you will be providing the best quality food and cover conditions for wild turkeys, deer and other wildlife on your property. This mix of seed is adapted to most sites and will stay established for several years with proper maintenance. Prepare the seedbed by disking or harrowing the ground. Create a smooth seedbed. Always do a soil test! Add the recommended amounts of lime and fertilizer. Incorporate both into the soil. Broadcast seed over one acre. Cover seed ¼” deep using a drag or cultipacker to ensure good seed to soil contact. Soil pH should be 6.0 to 7.0. Normally can be planted early fall or early spring depending on location. Check with local Extension Office for proper seeding dates.

Super Sorghum Strut & Rut® Mix should be planted into well-tilled soil with either a wheat drill or broadcast. Plant about 1 ½ inches deep or at least into the moisture. If drilled, the 15 lbs. will cover two acres or one acre if broadcast. If seed is broadcast, then lightly disk or cultipack after broadcasting. A variety of sorghums in the mix is designed specifically to provide a high energy food supply through an extended period and also to minimize deer damage. This blend is normally planted a couple weeks later than corn and is adapted to a variety of soil types. A 15 lb bag usually covers 1 acre.

4’ Vented Tubes act like individual “greenhouses in the field” that provide optimal growing conditions for young seedlings while protecting against the “Big Three”
1. Wildlife -
Shields against deer, rabbits, and rodents eating and killing your seedlings.
2. Wind - Shelters small seedlings against the drying and killing effects of wind.
3. Weeds - Protects seedlings from mowers, trimmers, and herbicides for fast, effective weed control. Tubes ship flat, pop open to a generous, leaf expanding 3.9 inch diameter, and install quickly and easily with large tie holes for different staking options. Plantra’s unique “Cross-Flow™” venting allows a tall tree tube to work in all climates by allowing superior air exchange for efficient CO2 replenishment and assuring proper dormancy (hardening off) before winter even in the coldest regions.

Please note: 4ft Tree Tubes require a 5ft stake for proper installation.

Red Splendor Crabapple an upright, more or less open headed tree, flowers are a rosy red bloom. Outstanding features are the tree's almost complete disease resistance and its small red fruit, 1cm in diameter that cling to the trees all winter. The flowering crabapples are a durable and highly useful ornamental trees that are strikingly beautiful in bloom. Crabapples remain on the tree all through winter, providing a good food source for turkeys, grouse and songbirds well into spring.

Every bag of seed purchased results in an acre of quality wild turkey brood habitat being established. This helps the State Chapter address a key issue identified in our state strategy of the North American Wild Turkey Management Plan. Your membership and financial support at our banquets helps make this program possible and allows the chapter to address high priority habitat needs in our state. THANK YOU!

Click here to download a seed subsidy order form.


Scott Wilson
West Virginia State Chapter President
National Wild Turkey Federation




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