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Volunteers Are NWTF's Most Important Investment

Volunteer Recruitment - the most valuable investment we can make to ensure the NWTF continues to be successful!

Conserving upland habitat, supporting successfully restored wild turkey populations, protecting our hunting heritage, and connecting people of all walks of life with the outdoor are all dependent upon the foundation of our success; the volunteers who make our fundraising events happen.

As a volunteer yourself, you are our best type of recruiter.

Want more dollars to spend towards our mission? Want more members to fund our efforts and carry weight in Washington? Our success, our effectiveness, our security is directly dependent upon the quality of our volunteer work force.

We need more volunteers.

The first step in successfully recruiting volunteers is making it a culture.

Our volunteers work for the NWTF because they care and want to make a difference. But you have to ask. Success breeds success!

The truth is, with any cause, people don't become volunteers because they're NEVER ASKED to volunteer.

It sounds simple, and it is! Asking, directly asking, pays off.

If you only do one thing going forward, committee meetings should dedicate time to volunteer recruitment strategy.

Ask each committee member to bring at least one new prospective committee member to the meeting. Make sure the meeting is fun, everyone feels welcome.

The Regional Director should present the NWTF in a way that everyone can come away with a good understanding of the organization.

As mentioned above, volunteer recruitment is the first step towards building a foundation for our success in growing dollars raised, growing member numbers, and ultimately putting more money towards the mission.




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