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Papa Strut 3D Decoy Worth Much More than its Weight

When it comes to crossing miles of woodlands in the spring, I have found one thing to be true - lighter is better. The new Papa Strut 3D decoy, which weighs less than my binoculars, from Montana Decoys certainly qualifies.

If you are not familiar with Montana Decoys, the concept behind its designs is to create lightweight, ultra-portable decoys by using high definition photography on a fabric background that is supported by a foldable wire frame. In the past, these decoys have only been two-dimensional.

However, with the introduction of the Papa Strut turkey decoy, Montana Decoys has created its first three-dimensional decoy. Its amazing photorealism and lightweight materials, combined with all new three-dimensional construction, has created a very unique decoy.

The Papa Strut uses a two-piece design that transforms a folded pile of wire and fabric, about as big around as a dinner plate, into a life-size strutting tom in just a few seconds. Unfolding the decoy is as simple as removing the small bungee cord holding it closed and letting it pop itself into shape. Then you use the embedded magnets to attach the tail fan to the body and add the collapsible leg pole. Within a matter of seconds, you have a full-body strutting decoy.

It only weighs 17 ounces, which is less than most water bottle and folds down to a small enough package that it can slip into your turkey vest and you will never even know it is there, until you need it.

I know that patience is the number one thing that kills turkeys, but I also like to move and be mobile, often to my own detriment I am sure. The Papa Strut fits perfecting into my hunting style.

The Papa Strut was just introduced this spring, so I have not had a chance to have in the woods while I am trying to outsmart a gobbler. However, after toting a lot of different decoys around over the years, I am looking forward to carrying one less bulky bag.




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