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Q & A with Will Primos

Will Primos is the founder and president of Primos Hunting Calls, one of the premier call makers for all sorts of game in North America, and stars in his company's "The Truth About Hunting" television show on The Outdoor Channel.

Beginning as a duck call maker while working in his family's restaurants in Jackson, Miss., the 61-year-old Primos added turkey calls to his repertoire about 40 years ago when he fashioned his first mouth call out of a tin beer can. A former recipient of the NWTF's Lynn Boykin Hunting Heritage Award, an expert call maker and hunter and a devoted conservationist, Primos is also known for his candor, which influenced the naming of his TV show.

Primos graciously accepted an invitation to talk to the NWTF's John Brasier for this month's Celebrity Interview.

John: You grew up in the largest city in Mississippi in a family that owned and operated five restaurants, so how did you get your start in hunting?

Will: My daddy did some dove hunting, but he lived through the Depression and was focused on providing for his family and running the restaurants. My parents lived to make a better life for their children, so he didn't hunt that much. But my uncles were hard-core hunters and I hunted with them. I shot at my first deer when I was 8 years old. I harvested my first deer when I was 11.

John: Your uncle, Gus, was an expert call maker and you started making duck calls when you were 11 years old. How did making a few duck calls develop into such a successful business a brand that's an industry standard?

Will: I worked in my family's restaurants for many years doing just about everything. We had restaurants that were like diners downtown and we had white tablecloth fine dining restaurants, too. Call making was just a hobby. I really enjoyed it. One day, I decided I like hunting more than waiting tables. So I got out of the restaurant business.

John: Of all the turkey calls your company makes, what are your personal favorites?

Will: All the calls are fun. I love a really good friction call. There's a real art to using a friction call to call in a turkey.

John: You've hunted all over country on your TV show. Where's your favorite spot?

Will: I love hunting elk and we do that out west. I've never shot a Gould's or an oscellated turkey. I'm just not interested in going somewhere to do that. I'd rather sit back against a hardwood tree in the rolling hills of Mississippi and Alabama. Hunting, just in itself, is so fun and peaceful.

John: Can you tell me a "truth" about hunting products?

Will: Hunters will try anything they think will give them an edge. But a gimmick product doesn't last long once they realize it doesn't work.

John: Why do you prefer bowhunting for whitetails, but a shotgun for wild turkeys?

Will: As a hunter, I began to see that there was so much more to wildlife than shooting a deer. I started studying wildlife because it intrigued me. When you hunt deer with a bow, outside the shotgun season, you get to see deer act like deer. I believe turkey hunting is a shotgun sport. I love hunting with a shotgun.

John: What do enjoy most about turkey hunting?

Will: You're out in the woods, scouting, listening and calling. You aren't just out there waiting for something to happen.

John: Why are you such a strong supporter of the NWTF?

Will: The NWTF is the greatest conservation organization because it's never been afraid to say it supports hunters and our hunting heritage.




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