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Alabama Subsidy Offer Fall 2013
Triple Threat Clover Mix


Triple Threat is a cool season legume blend of Durana White Clover (Perennial), Patriot White Clover (Perennial), and Crimson Clover (Reseeding Annual).


Used to attract and provide high quality nutrition for wild turkeys, hens with broods, deer, and other wildlife. Triple Threat will increase the attractiveness and nutritional value of wildlife openings.


Research and in the field experience repeatedly demonstrates the superior quality of White Clover compared to grass in food plots. This clover blend is an excellent combination by enhancing nutrition in wildlife openings and bugging areas for wild turkey broods. Triple Threat will also reduce fertility cost since it fixes its own nitrogen 50 to 125 lbs per acre, per year.


18% to 28% crude protein and total digestible nutrients (TDN) ranging from 65% to 85%.


12 lbs./acre for a pure stand. Recommend planting a ¼ acre rate of wheat per acre as a nurse crop with this blend (not included). True perennial such as the Triple Threat mix develop an extensive root system before growing out of the ground. Wheat with the Crimson Clover in the mix will give you green to hunt over while this is taking place. Remember to pick a soil that holds moisture and a soil test is administered and followed.


September 1st - November 15th


Create a seedbed by tilling, smoothing and firming the seedbed using a roller or cultipacker device. Broadcast the seed over the prepared area and roll or cultipack the soil again (one pass after the seed has been spread). If a roller device is not available, lightly drag seed with a log or similar object to barely cover seed with soil (no deeper than 1/8 inch). Good seed-soil contact equals success. Do not allow seedbed to crust over by waiting too long to plant.


1/8" maximum (Stand failures will result from seed planted too deep, particularly when the seed is drilled).


Soil testing is highly recommended. Liming to a pH of 6-6.5 and provide adequate levels of potassium and phosphorus to ensure a productive clover stand. LIMING IS A MUST IF RECOMMENDED BY SOIL TEST! See your local county extension office for details.


Durana and Patriot seed is pelletized with a coating of lime and selected rhizobia strains for optimal nitrogen fixation and once established will not require the addition of nitrogen. Durana and Patriot are both long lasting perennial White Clovers that will last longer than traditional Ladino type clovers. In perfect pH and soil conditions, look for this mix to last up to 5 years. In less than perfect conditions, you can look for this mix to last around 3 years. If weeds and grass become a problem, mow or clip the food plot to reduce competition. Never mow more than the top 1/3 of the plant. Control tough weeds and grass with proper chemical herbicides as needed. Always read and follow label instructions. Soil test as needed to maintain good soil fertility.

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For further planting instructions contact:
Jody Holdbrooks
Alabama NWTF Regional Biologist




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