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Louisiana Subsidy Offer Fall 2013
Triple Threat Clover, Annual Fall, Harvest Gold Deer


Triple Threat
Cool season legume blend of Durana White Clover (Perennial), Patriot White Clover (Perennial), and Crimson Clover (Reseeding Annual).
Annual Fall
Blend of Winter Pea (Annual), Crimson Clover (Reseeding Annual) and Brassica (Annual)
Harvest Gold Deer
Blend of forage wheat, forage soybean, oats, radish, turnip and rape


Triple Threat
Used to attract and provide high quality nutrition for wild turkeys, hens with broods, deer, and other wildlife. Triple Threat will increase the attractiveness and nutritional value of wildlife openings.
Annual Fall
Used to quickly create fall food plots that will attract deer and turkeys. The leaves maintain their nutritional quality even after repeated exposure to frost
Harvest Gold Deer
Used to attract deer by using a “time released” food plot delivering different plant species to give your plots attraction from early fall to spring.


Triple Threat
Research and in the field experience repeatedly demonstrates the superior quality of White Clover compared to grass in food plots. This clover blend is an excellent combination by enhancing nutrition in wildlife openings and bugging areas for wild turkey broods. Triple Threat will also reduce fertility cost since it fixes its own nitrogen 50 to 125 lbs per acre, per year.
Annual Fall
Austrian winter peas will make a great addition to a food plot mixture planted in the fall to attract deer. Turnips are both cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. They can be planted late-even as a second crop-and provide high-quality grazing late in the fall. Both are also soil builders. Highly favored by whitetail deer, these fast growing peas and turnips will attract deer to a plot soon after germination making them a favorite of bow hunters.
Harvest Gold Deer
The forage soybeans will attract the deer while the forage radishes sustain your deer during the pre rut season producing energy. The forage wheat will provide additional protein while the carbohydrates found in the forage turnips keeps your herd growing bigger through the late season.


These blends are highly nutritious and should provide 20 plus percent in crude protein which is also highly digestible.


Triple Threat
12 lbs./acre for a pure stand. Recommend planting a ¼ acre rate of wheat per acre as a nurse crop with this blend (not included).
Annual Fall Mix
20-30 pounds per acre. No need for a cover crop. Plants germinate in 4-7 days, grow quickly and are cold tolerant. Seed bed should be clear and firm. Best results on loamy soil.
Harvest Gold Deer
50 lbs per half acre broadcast into moist, well-prepared soil.


Most should be planted in early fall or spring depending on region; check with your local Extension office.


Create a seedbed by tilling, smoothing and firming the seedbed using a roller or cultipacker device. Broadcast the seed over the prepared area and roll or cultipack the soil again (one pass after the seed has been spread). If a roller device is not available, lightly drag seed with a log or similar object to barely cover seed with soil (no deeper than 1/8 to 1/4 inch). Annual fall mix can be planted a little deeper. Good seed-soil contact equals success. Do not allow seedbed to crust over by waiting too long to plant.


Soil testing is highly recommended. Liming to a pH of 6.0 - 6.5 and provide adequate levels of potassium and phosphorus to ensure a productive clover stand. LIMING IS A MUST IF RECOMMENDED BY SOIL TEST! See your local county extension office for details.


Triple Threat
Seed is pelletized with a coating of lime and selected rhizobia strains for optimal nitrogen fixation and once established will not require the addition of nitrogen. This mix should last up 3-5 years.
Annual Fall Mix
Winter peas and clover planted in the fall will also return to growth in the spring. Brassica are annuals. Peas can be plowed in as a green manure crop before reseeding the following year.
Harvest Gold Deer
Some volunteer growth the following year; leaving plot fallow for following year will produce good brood habitat.

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For further planting instructions contact:
Luke Lewis
Louisiana NWTF Regional Biologist
Office: 318-777-3612
Mobile: 318-423-7777




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