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Bid for Son Stewardship Project

1021 NE Bennington Way
Bend, OR 97701

March 12, 2014

Dear Prospective Timber Sale Bidder,

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is accepting bids on the Son Stewardship Timber Sale and associated service work including: non-commercial thinning, road closure, and road decommissioning on the Ochoco National Forest - Paulina Ranger District. This work is being conducted as part of the Son Stewardship Agreement, whereby the NWTF administers a timber sale and the resulting funds stay on the Forest to perform other forest, road, and wildlife habitat improvements.

The project will commercially thin 451 acres of ponderosa pine and dry grand fir. Estimated timber volume is approximately 1,683 thousand board feet (MBF) or 3,246 hundred cubic feet (CCF). Six of these acres would be thinned to specifications designed to promote aspen. The value of timber removed will be used to accomplish additional forest restoration activities. You have the option to bid on these activities including: 453 acres of non-commercial thinning, and 7.25 miles of road closure and decommissioning. The project will be Designation By Prescription. Please consider the cost of scaling into your bid. In general, no trees 21” DBH or larger will be cut in addition to legacy Ponderosa trees marked by orange tracer paint. Non-commercial thinning includes all juniper less than 16”DHB and other species less than 9” DBH with average spacing 18-20’. More details are enclosed. There will be a voluntary pre-bid meeting with NWTF and USFS staff at the Ochoco National Forest office in Prineville on March 21 at 10am Pacific Time to answer any questions.

Please complete the bid sheet on the first page of the bid package and provide a description of your proposed methodology to accomplish each of the activities. Bids are due no later than close of business on April 18, 2014 according to the instructions on the bid sheet. Thank you for your interest in the Son Stewardship Project.


Mikal Moore
Pacific Northwest Regional Biologist
National Wild Turkey Federation




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