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New Law Lowers Youth Bowhunting Age from 14 to 12

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After a long legislative process, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to lower the minimum age for bowhunters from 14 to 12.

Before Cuomo signed the bill into law, young people in New York who wanted to hunt big game with a bow and arrow were forced to wait longer than youth living in any other state. Junior archers have proven themselves capable as they are allowed to hunt small game with a bow at age 12. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation safety records show that, youth hunters are the safest age group within the state.

Hunting numbers nationwide are declining but the number of bowhunters has steadily increased during over the last four decades. New York's new law will help to continue this trend and preserve our hunting heritage by allowing junior archers to go afield with an adult or mentor at a younger age.




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