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Karen Lee
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EDGEFIELD, S.C. — NWTF members have kept up with Karen Lee through her articles and editor messages for more than 12 years. Her writing has been described as honest, funny, like she's talking to friend, a style that reflects her personality and offbeat outlook.

After graduating from Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., in 1999, Karen sought a career that catered to her degrees in biology and journalism, as well as both sides of her ever-running brain.

Internships in forestry and outdoors communications led her to a job at the National Wild Turkey Federation. A mere seven months after graduation (and slightly na´ve to the task at hand), Karen helped launch Women In The Outdoors magazine, landing the position of editor at the age of 22.

Two years later, Karen launched Wheelin' Sportsmen magazine as a benefit to NWTF members with disabilities. She maintained editorship of both titles until 2009, when the NWTF made the decision to consolidate its publications.

Karen, along with the NWTF editorial team, launched Turkey Country, which includes sections on turkey hunting, land management, conservation issues, gun rights issues and outreach. She was named editor and has served in that capacity for roughly three years.

Karen never shot a gun until she started working at the NWTF. Since then, she has hunted turkeys, quail, deer and ducks in 15 states and just returned from her first African safari.

She is married to C.J. Davis and lives on a couple acres of woods in South Carolina, near the NWTF headquarters in Edgefield. They have one son, Cooper, who is nearly 3 years old and likes hunting for acorns, turkey feathers and candy.

"I'm pretty pumped about this blog, having a chance to share my experiences and oftentimes random views," said Karen. "There's no bigger compliment than to have someone take the time to read what I've written. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks about this!"

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