President's Message

I hope that all of you had a chance to get out and enjoy the pursuit of gobblers this spring. I have heard many reports that the hunting was somewhat unusual. One positive that we can all be proud of is that the early reports and to clarify not final report is that we had a safe spring season. Again, due to reports still being looked at I can’t say it was zero incidents, but I can say that it appears to be a success from a safety perspective.  It was for sure a late spring here in Pa. and it seemed here in Central Pa. the hunting was a little better towards the later end of the season. There seems to be a cliff that we need to stay off the edge of once the spring season ends. You start scouting and looking forward to hunting in late March and wear yourself out until the end of May pursuing your passion and then wake up and think now what?

Well now, we get busy working towards improving all that we have and continue to enjoy. There are still many banquets, JAKES days, Wheeling Sportsmen and WITO events, habitat projects and other important functions that we need to return our attention to. Please take the time to visit the PANWTF website ( to find out what is going on in your neck of the woods and join in the fun. It is important that we can keep the momentum moving throughout the summer and fall months. Also, if you have not had the opportunity to attend an energy-sponsored event look into it. They are a lot of fun and you will have the opportunity to meet some great people working hard and putting up the time and money for conservation.

There are some interesting topics floating around that you may want to become familiar with and let your opinion be known. I’ll touch on one which is electronic calls for turkey hunting. While it is currently not legal to use electronic devices for hunting turkeys, some think it should be. At this point it’s my understanding that the topic has been thrown out there and is being discussed. The State Chapter is getting some comments and at some point will provide our position to the PGC. Let your comments be known. I encourage you to let your chapter president know how you feel or send an email to the state chapter. There are many other issues and a lot of them being legislative that have impact on hunting and conservation that again I encourage you to gain knowledge of. Your voice can make a difference when heard.

The state chapter is in the process of reorganizing. It’s our intent to streamline our committees and distribute the workload. We believe that this will help all of us stay more engaged and active.  Volunteerism seems to be getting harder. Its seems like every time you turn around you volunteer to help with something, it is not long until you find yourself becoming ineffective and soon giving in. We recognize how this happens and want to prevent it. We’re trying to get more done with less individual effort so that working towards the mission of the NWTF remains gratifying. I’m sure that in the next article you will be able to see more on this.

For all you do for conservation, thank you. Keep pushing forward and stay involved throughout the summer as there is a lot going on. Until next time, take care and God bless you all.


Samuel V. McCartney

PA State Chapter President