President's Message

  I’d like to start by saying Thanks to all of you for all you do on behalf of the NWTF.  You give unselfishly the most precious resource that anyone could ask for and that is your time.  The time you spend organizing, setting up and attending events, attending meetings, improving habitat, encouraging others to join our cause whatever it is, believe me it is not thankless, meaningless work.  It’s making a positive difference for many today and many more to come, and for that thank you, you’re appreciated.
  I hope by the time you’re reading this note that old man winter is finally getting off our backs.  Many members have been inquiring about harsh winter impacts on turkeys.  Mary Jo Cassalena our PGC Wild Turkey biologist reports that “Winter mortality typically isn’t a problem in PA.  This year, if this deep snow persists, there could be a small amount of mortality of the lighter weight juvenile birds.  I assume the main outcome could be lower hen nesting rates or smaller clutch sizes due to their low energy reserves, if they can’t consume enough calories before egg-laying commences”.  Time will soon tell us the impact from this winter on turkeys.  The NWTF will continue to work very close with Mary Jo and others to understand and manage the effects of severe weather on wildlife.
   Pennsylvania was recognized at the National Convention this past February with two awards.  The first was the L.A. Dixon, Jr. Memorial Outstanding State Chapter Award.  Pennsylvania was 3rd among all states in total membership.  The second award was the L.A. Dixon, Jr. Memorial Outstanding State Chapter Award for highest total golden gobbler income dollars raised.  Pennsylvania was 1st placing ahead of all other states in raising money.  Our successful fund-raising translates directly to conservation and outreach work.  Hats off to everyone who helped earn these awards. Let’s continue to work hard and come home next year with both 1st place awards.
   It won’t be long until we will be in the woods pursuing gobblers.  I encourage everyone to keep safety in mind and make it part of your hunt.  For those traveling this spring I hope your travels are safe and your hunts are rewarding.  I also encourage all members to continue to share our hunting heritage with others.  If you’re seeking a huge adrenalin rush take a kid, your wife, sister, aunt, mom, girlfriend, a disabled friend or coworker.  You will not regret the thrill you will experience in teaching the outdoor experience to someone. Until next time take care and God Bless you all.

Samuel V. McCartney

PA State Chapter President