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2015 NWTF Banquet Auction Package

Collectors, high bidders and fun seekers all have a place at NWTF Hunting Heritage Banquets. It's where you'll find exclusive merchandise, including NWTF Guns of the Year, limited edition prints by famous wildlife artists, as well as practical items for home and hunt camp.

Here's an exclusive look at what you'll find in 2015 at your local Hunting Heritage Banquet.

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Framed Art
As always, the NWTF framed art package includes some very unique and beautiful artwork from some of the best wildlife artists in the nation. All are framed and make a welcomed addition to that empty wall of your home.

Home Furnishings
The NWTF core package includes home furnishings with a flair of wild turkey. From a writing desk to a lamp, find what you need for the home in this section.

From the NWTF knife of the year to to the NWTF collectible stamp frame, the NWTF collectibles package includes unique items that will be the envy of your collection.

The NWTF sculpture package includes some of our most beautiful pieces to date. Elk, deer and of course, wild turkeys, are forever remembered in sculptures found only in the NWTF core package.

Offered only through the NWTF core package, the NWTF Gun of the Year is sure to become a collectible item. Guns are sequentially numbered and exclusive to NWTF events.

From beautifully crafted vases, to unique trunks, the NWTF housewares selection is one of our best to date. Find that extra flair for your next party or get-together.

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